Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I want something else to get me through this......

not listening when you say goodbye, ah a wonderful happy song. 3rd eye Blind. So it seems, im back to square one in that big picture event. Its so pressure filled, but I don't even get to the big dance. Its like I lose in the Round of 64, or Round of 32 at best. So, its a sports analogy, think about it, it could apply to many things. Though I like the cryptic nature of this, it gives me an outlet that is personal, and some might even understand it.
lets focus, get back to reality, deal with things that are not only in my heart, but my exams, focus on getting it done, on studying dilligently. These distractions are not worth my trouble, as i am here to focus on what I do best, and that is become a lean mean Learning machine.
Though, in both these, I want one well prepared chance, give me the ball, let me run with it. Please, I will make it worth its weight in gold. But then again, its out of my hands, so might as well just take the cards I've been dealt, and bluff and gamble and play cards. Boys, saddle up, its big game hunting season.

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