Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas time is here

Christmas stopped being a real religious holiday, when television was invented. IT turned it into its capitalistic frenzy and free for all of comericialism. Its about buying gifts, and not to mention consumption. How many of us are going to be eating too much, while millions starve. Us self righteous Christians consume and consume in an orgy of over indulgence, and spending. Its true, we do treat our dogs better than our human friends in parts of this world. The only spirit that is celebrated at christmas now, is maybe Sam Walton, who created wal-mart. Do yourself a favor and realize what you have. When you throw out those leftovers, think about your excess consumption.
Lets get back to Christ, yes, he is partly responsiblie for this free for all, with his catholic masters, being too afraid of communist atheist hoardes at the borders of eastern europe to worry about the decay of western Christian ideals. Fear has always been the easiest way to manipulate the gullible clergy, they are afraid of anything that differs from their archaic teachings.
Realize, we live in a world of extremes, not a world of togetherness, we are the wealthy, everywhere else is the poor.
Deal with it, because its not going to change very fast.

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