Sunday, December 24, 2006

Norad's busiest day!

That would be today, December 24. The NORAD Santa site is perhaps one of the coolest websites in the US defence department. Plus it doesn't have any classified information or right wing neo-con dogma that is now endemic in the United States military.

It was good to find out that Norad will be able to track Santa even though they are snowed in. Thats good news, because hopefully they could track any Russian bombers coming into North American Airspace that would have come in the past 40 years. Apparantly the story goes, that a Coloardo Springs store, had a santa hotline and that it was misprinted in an advertisement to be NORAD's phone number. When Children called the number, the NORAD staff were able to confirm that Santa had indeed entered North American Airspace and was quickly approaching.

Santa also made a pre-christmas visit to Afghanistan, looks like our boys are having a wonderful time despite the circumstances of things in Afghanistan.

Merry Christmas,
and happy Holidays Everyone

Friday, December 22, 2006

Crazy stock?

Lets put it right out there!

Aaaaanyway, it appears that local libs now send bits and pieces of my local columns to their favourite spear-chuckers down east who are quick to unleash a volley of indignation, which makes for good fodder back here at home.

I read this whole column, and I may feel indignant to be called a spear chucker. But please, could someone teach this guy how to write a proper article. Don't they teach you how to write in bible college? We know Stockwell is all about adam and Eve running around with the dinosaurs 5000 years ago, and other various crazy ideas. He also back-handedly complimented Ajax-Pickering MP Mark Holland, calling him "Perry Mason on steroids", in regards to the committee meetings on the RCMP and Arrar probe.

I read his article, and for someone who once wanted to be prime minister, he wrote his column at such a low level I found it painful to read. The gaps between sentences, made me feel like he was just brainstorming ideas and putting them down to look organized. So, please Stockwell, get someone to properly edit and form your thoughts. Politicians already have enough bad reputations, hack columnist who write at the same level of a teenager isn't one. Please Stock, edit, rewrite, edit again. And spear-chuckers, what kind of slang is that? I have never heard that before, seriously.

One last thing, why didn't he ride a Canadian built Sea doo?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

more climate change, and musings....

I was listening to a CBC radio program this morning, where Canadian skiier's were interviewed along with the president of the International Skiing Federation. It looks like they have noticed that in the past few years, the Alps are melting, and ski season has had to be changed and cancelled in regards to the alps in November and December. This made me think that these winter athletes, being creatures of the winter all their lives, training and skiing would notice this type of change over the years.

So, this is another example of our climate change, along with our Vancouver like weather, and the Vancouver windstorms, it is safe to say that something is up. But our "so-called " prime minister is using his neo-con fact sheet about what is really happening in his hair?

For those of you not totally familiar with the neo-cons and their child like denial of climate change, check out this 60 minutes story about how NASA's top scientist on climate change was censored by the wonderful people in White house.

To me this does not make any sense (in Canada's political landscape), the Republicans are just covering their own behinds. They get so much money from big oil that it makes sense for them to basically cover their ears and go lalalalalala, in regards to the environment. There are no donations from big oil in Canada to political parties. With emissions trading, any excess from the oil sands can probably be covered with emissions credits. Its another free market, wouldn't the Conservatives be in favour of that?

What I am trying to point out, is that this is another example of Stephen Harper, and his strange fascination with American Republicanism. It started with his old job, as the taxpayers lobbyist, and until recently was hidden quite well in his role as PM. But his true colours are finally starting to show up! What is next Stephen? 2 tier health care? SUV subsidies? Tax cuts for the extremely wealthy?

Just a few thoughts....

Monday, December 18, 2006

newsmaker of the year?

Its funny, this issue of Time Magazine is used primarily to move a few more copies. You have to wonder why they chose Stephen Harper? Maybe for his gaffe's on the international stage. His important men's room meeting with the President of China? Maybe it was his so-called gutsier foreign policy, which in reality was a copy of the Bush administration foreign policy? I guess time doesn't read about our lost respect on our non-compliance of Kyoto. Got to love all these maybes

Some important questions to ask?
Does the cover of the magazine have a picture of Stephen harper as a puppet?
Is this an example of right wing media bias? (Was Paul Martin last year's newsmaker of the year?)
Does Time know about the lack of credibility Canada now carries in the EU?
Don't Canadians use youtube, myspace, blogger as much as Americans?

Thats all I can think of right now....
what are your theories?

Friday, December 15, 2006

so called?

I didn't know Washington dictated our environmental policy? Its a new phenomenon that we have given up our sovereignty in an area like the environment. Let's be honest here, the so-called Bush Administration (really called Big-oil administration) believes that contrary to just about every ounce of scientific knowledge, greenhouse grasses are not causing global warming.

So, the so called Harper Government (really American neo-con Junior government) , decided to agree with this. This is a sad day for Canadian politics, that our Prime Minister has to consult American propaganda to get his environmental policy. What about all that money that our own government spends on science and the environment. Did he forget that Canadian government funded studies might not agree with his official view on global warming?

No wonder Harper never talks to the media, he will scare us with his brainwashed Republican views on things. He will drive us to to the polls with his ideas of 2 tiered healthcare, and tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. What is next? Tax subsidies for buying giant SUV's? School vouchers? Now I might be fear mongering right now, but its cool to be a Liberal right now. But that damn global warming is heating things up too much!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pinochet......part 2

It has been a few days since the Funeral and the celebrations in Chile, but I believe there is one positive to come out of this whole Pinochet death story was the truly evil and vindictive nature of the Augusto Pinochet Junta.

Hearing the details of the Orlando Letelier on the radio, about his impeccable reputation in Washington, DC, and hearing his widow, Isabelle Allende perhaps one of the most celebrated female writers in Latin America speak about the pain that the Junta put the people through, really put things into a good perspective. The fact that this interview happened on CBC radio made me feel happy that we do to a certain extent have a free and fairly liberal media. Operation Condor, and the Caravan of death are things that we should not forget, as well as the scapegoating of communists for this.

This sad story could really teach us how not to wage a war on terror! Pinochet had a reign of terror.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pinochet: he got away with it all.....

So today, Augusto Pinochet,
perhaps the most paranoid of the pro-American dictators died of a heart attack. He was famous for believing that the Soviet Union was trying to invade Chile and fund a non-existent insurgency that was happening in the Andes.

He was also responsible for the caravan of death, that went around the country, killing political dissidents, all under the watchful eye of the American government and their corporate interests. The worst part of Pinochet was that towards the very end, like 2 weeks ago he wanted to meet with the victims of his crimes. His daughter had expressed this on Chilean tv, that he was lucid enough to do this.

He should have been tried, he should have been convicted, and he should have died in a prison cell, not in the mansion that he lived in thanks to the corrupt nature of his government. Other countries have started to clear their books. The Argentinians recently took immunity away from their dirty warriors, and Brasil has enough demons that it has excised from its authoritarian past. But what can we learn from this? I don't know, I am just glad that the people of Chile have not turned Pinochet into a martyr and they see him for the evil reign of terror he put through Chile.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

talk about a sideshow

Today, I'd like to bring to light the possibility of another war in this world. But I am not sure whether this will be a good war or a bad war. It looks like the Ethiopian Government is this close to invading Somalia.

Here is the real dilemma, looks like Crazy Islamic Militias have taken over most of the Somalian capital of Mogadishu. They will control the horn of Africa, Bin Laden calls this place the 3rd front of their little Jihad. The Americans were funding the secular warlords, but of course they are too corrupt and too busy making themselves rich to care, and the Islamic Sharia courts and clerics have taken over.

Where does Ethiopia fit in?
Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, and one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world. Currently they have the biggest army in region. They fought a brutal war about 5 years ago against the Eritreans, over a piece of desert, and simply put they smashed them. Now, the Somalian government is calling for help. This Government was in exile in Kenya, and is supported by Kenya, and Ethiopia, has not had the power to go back to Mogadishu, and sits waiting in a town by the Ethiopian border.
Now, being a patron of the Exiled somali government, and a recipient of American military products, Ethiopia has some issues with the Clerics running Somalia. Ethiopia has a large ethnic muslim population, and their authoritarian leader is not one to allow bombs to go off in their capital city?

The economist wrote a great article, about that, saying that war is only being avoided by a flood in the area. Right now, I am actually in favour of the Ethiopian's invading, I would take a secular dictatorship over any form of strict Islamic law. They will not persecute women nearly as much, and Islamic law is perhaps the most brutal form of law around, compared to our system of common law. Do the Somali's deserve this? No, but they have had chaos for 10 years, they don't need Islamic law, I think cha0s is better than Islamic law for its arbitrary brutality, as shown by the Saudi Kingdom, and the horrible experiences of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Hardcore Islamic rule, is like if they let all the judges in North America to be chosen by the 700 club, and those type, its extremism. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Islam as a religion, but once again as an extremist front, its a pretty pathetic way to run a country.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Living by the sword.....

The koolaid is having an aftereffect on the iggy supporters! Micheal's campaign created divisions, and it eventually led to his demise. So do all us real Liberals a favour and either get with the program, or get off the boat. For the record I joined the party because I like my MP, and party as a whole rather than any particular leadership candidate.

When you run a campaign based around divisiveness and ideas that were actually non liberal, and more Mulroney like, it is bound to happen. Trudeau would have been spinning in his grave, yet Michaels people thought he was the second coming of Trudeau. Ignatieff's people have no idea how divided us non-iggy people were about him. Thanks to their blinders of course. It drove us to Dion, it pushed us far away, we didn't want the koolaid, we never did. We wanted a leader that brought us together, not the choice of the backroom boys. We wanted a new leader, not the POWERCORP backroom selection. Micheal's campaign was that divisive and his policies led him to die by the sword. So that is what happens when you live by the sword, you die by it!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

So, Did Stephane Dion win, or did Michael Ignatieff lose?

My personal opinion is yes and yes! Why, because Stephane Dion and his people built bridges to the other delegates, while Ignatieff's people were arrogantly spouting their talking points to former Rae and Kennedy people, who looked at them with eyes of disbelief.

Michael's people had too much koolaid, this koolaid was the Jim Jones brand of the cult of personality rather than good ideas and bringing together people. When the 3rd ballot results were announced to me in the Laurier club, the room was almost divided, between people who were there only for Michael, and the rest of the people who were trying to decipher the results. Delegates reported to me, that desperate Ignatieff supporters spouted off their rhetoric to them on the convention floor desperately trying to convince them with talking points rather than sincerity. This summed up their attitude in through campaign. Michael is the best, everyone else in inferior. My previous dealings with his youth people were the same as this. Debating them, was debating Michaels talking points, not their own opinions, and that infuriated me as someone who likes talking about issues, and hearing peoples opinions. Not their "Fox news" Bill O'reilley talking points.

From the onset of the convention, Michael's people were very different, they acted aloof, had a total sense of entitlement, it was like they were so self absorbed in having Michael anointed leader that they had no perception of the movement and momentum that the Dion camp picked up when Gerard Kennedy stepped aside. Micheals people were wearing political blinders, and that crippled them on the last two ballots. They ignored all the signs, they ignored what people had to say, they were simply put IGNORANT.

Kudos to Stephane for being a big tent candidate, representing the new Liberal party, and not the old boys network of Ignatieff's and Rae's. Stephane must also give credit to the Kennedy organizers, and their delegates for voting en masse for Dion. Along with Martha, and eventually Ken Dryden, this led to the eventual exodus of the majority of Rae delegates to give Stephane the final victory. As a scrutineer, the sea of green grew with third and fourth ballots, to me, it was impressive, and felt like I was watching a growing movement. Stephane represents a chance for a party to be built by consensus and by the people. We did it, we took the politics to the people and out of the backrooms.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The game is a foot

Some observations from the convention:
is it just me, or do Iggy youth delegates remind me of those keener suck up goods in poly sci class?
Belinda Stronach now has dark hair, good for her
Justin Trudeau is a great guy, met him last night at the Kennedy party.
The nation motion got pulled off the agenda, it would have been a great debate!
Laurier club lounge is too sweet!
Meeting the candidates in a few hours, fun to be had!

Monday, November 27, 2006

We make mistakes, and we apologize with roses, we never stop to smell on the way....

its official, Michael Ignatieff pulled a Brian Mulroney move. Yeah, he was too busy screwing out outside of Canada to remember the ploy Mulroney pulled in Quebec to appease the soft Federalist, and soft separatist votes.
Now you may ask where is this going? Well its going to a point, and that point is the Liberals are the party of Trudeau, not Brian Mulroney. Trudeau the Uniter, not Mulroney, the failed appeaser. This posturing is petty and plays into the separatist's hands. These are the people who accused Pierre Trudeau and Jean Charest of not being ethnically pure Quebecois. When it comes to nationalism, this reminds me of the balkans.
These separatists should be exposed for their racist and Xenephobic views of what Quebec is, rather than debate in non constitutional way whether or not Quebec is a nation. Plus, what gives the Quebecois a right to call themselves a nation, when there is a Cree nation that owns most of northern Quebec. Does that make them a nation within a nation? This type of dumb posturing and semantic gives Canadian politics a bad name, and further alienates western Canada.

Gerard Kennedy is the first contender to grow a spine against this totally inane and stupid declaration. Sure he has his political reasons, but he is really representing young Canadians, and our view that we are all Canadian regardless of where we are from, 2-3 generations ago.
Canada is a nation of many peoples, and they are distinct and unique. But that is what makes Canada special.
I can quote Animal Farm in saying "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." I see that as similar as declaring a nation within Canada.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


So Quebec is going to be designated a nation! I decided that I am going to start campaigning for recognition of both the Celtic nation in the maritimes, and the Aboriginal First nation's nation that exists throughout Canada. They are too examples of nations within Canada, with their own languages and culture.

Its only fair to these groups, could anyone else possibly give me any other nations that I am missing?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Looks like this time a Canadian has taken over the American League. Justin Morneau, leading the Minnesota Twins on a tear through the latter part of their season, beat out Derek Jeter, who had the NY media behind him. Can you say big deal? The MVP from the AL, and the NBA are now from BC. What are they putting in their water out there?

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hey everyone,
in order to get more views and shill to the masses, I joined Liblogs. For the record, I am a member in good standing with the Liberal party of Canada! woo hoo! I want exposure.

Friday, November 17, 2006

They're trying to build a prison, trying to build a prison........

So, for every crazy thing involving torture by Americans, in Iraq, or at Gitmo, it comes back to one place, The School of the Americas, which until a few years ago was based in the Panama Canal Zone.

Currently it is based out of Fort Benning in Georgia. This weekend is the annual protest weekend to close the school. Why close it? Well, every single right wing military officer south of the Rio Grande was trained to torture, murder, kill, and rape there. The Americans trained, Brasillians, Argentines, Chilleans, and other various military regimes to kill, kill and torture.

Where does this fit in, in the modern world? Everything the American's taught the Latin americans, they have done in Iraq. in Baghdad and Cuba, the Americans have used tried and tested torture techniques that were perfected decades ago in the western hemisphere. Stories of the dirty war in Argentina, and the disgusting behaviour of the Pinochet government in Chile, to a nonexistant Marxist threat, gave these governments the ability to act with reckless abandon and the Military acted right out of the text book from the SOA. So, I say this, if America is the best army in the world, close the SOA. its best for us all.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Im sooo sick.........

It has been too long, and one too many cock up's by the Federal Government, we are in the midst of perhaps one of the most important leadership races in Canadian Political history. So for my grand return, here is a blow by blow list of what I am going to cover in the next few blogs

- Middle East
- Federal leadership of the party
-Howard Dean
- Kyoto protocol
- Journalism, well, what I think about it, hey I'm an amateur, i can say what I want.....
and last but hopefully not least, the Convention

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

whats mine is always yours, and yours is mine...

Whats left of my life these days, lots of things, many positive things. There is vision, purpose, poise, and control. I have taken control of so many things which before I let slip out of control.

Direction is found in the most strange places, that being an inner city elementary school, rather than say the manic setting of a newsroom, or on assigment somewhere. Is it dissapointing though? Yes and no, yes because I will miss that rush that sports brought me, but no because I found a calling which I believe I can make a difference in society and give back to which I have been able to take from to an extent.

Now onto pressing issues, for example that hyperactive basketcase we call middle east relations. The moral of the story is simple, DO NOT SPONSOR TERRORISTS. Can i be any clearer, the pseudo government if Lebanon really put itself in this predicament when they harbored those militants from Hezbollah. The wrath of the IDF is enevitable, and it often responds in a fashion that is predictable for its strength and its devotion to the protection of the Jewish state.

For a refresher on Lebanon, I suggest you look on wikipeida, as it has been operated as client state of Syria's for about 15 years now, as the Syrian army just left Lebanon last year after that fiasco of killing the leader of their opposition. In the years before, the Country fought a brutal civil war based on sectarian lines. If they had a more effective state, they would have expelled the militants, and not let them operate in the south of their country. The Israeli occupation ended a few years ago, and Sharon's policy of non-interference had been working.

This leads to those slow acting leaders of our right wing government here in Canada, they have totally messed this up. Foreign affairs knows there is a large number of Canadians in that country, and the fact they would be at risk is obvious. They have acted in a slow dimwitted way, that only a conservative government could. They could have chartered a few planes on the weekend to ferry Canadians out with assurances from the Israeli government they would be safe, but the PM didn't respond till Sunday at the G8 summit. Stephen that was pretty weak, same with Peter Mackay, typical slow witted Conservatives, praise on Israel, forgetting about Lebanese Canadians in danger.

For the record I just started reading the Rum diaries, by HST. It is much less polished than his work in the 70's even though it lacks the drug induced activities. It really shows that writing is something you have to do a lot of to really craft together something special. The Rum diaries is brilliant in its own ways, as it is the work of a gifted prodigy, working on his first true assigment. But I wish HST would have rewritten it later in life, to put a real context on it.

I wish Hemmingway had discovered how to moderate his boozing like Thompson did with writing, that would have made his most depressing work much more entertaining. But we are talking about 2 distinct writers, one writing semi-autobiographical fiction, and the King of Gonzo Journalism, the equivalent of Cubism to journalism.

i'm sitting on the rooftop ready to fall....

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Long way down, I don't think I'll make it on my own..........

Its been a long way down, lets leave it at that. Things worked themselves out in a way that least benefitted me. Should I be happy? should I be angry? Should I be depressed? I don't know, im just sure i was tired this morning.

My mind is full of ideas that are either smart, or totally dumb. I don't think im very hit or miss in that regard. The block is gone, its totally missing now which is great. I can think of a couple of factors why, but it makes sense only for the last one. I can write again, which is great because i miss expessing myself on here, even it is often cryptic and misleading.

Life is going slowly now, much like this time last summer, but there is a difference, my future is clear, there is a path to follow, which is good. Having a vision for the future is hard, but sometimes compromise is the best way to secure a future in which i am happy on many different levels.

Everything seems fairly frustrating right now, but life is not meant to be easy. But it really looks like my exhuastion is catching up with me tonight.

....and i feel so bohemain like you.....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

this is my front page, this is my new age...........

Headspace, alone and weightless, thats me in a nutshell. Ideas come and go, as do feelings, and I am just all over the place in both of those wonderful regards. The only thing that seems regular are my meals, workout stuff, and weight loss. Otherwise, I don't have too much of a clue what is really going on, nor do I have too much interest.

Lets talk about the world outside Canada, as it seems way more interesting than watching the Conservatives ruin it for everyone as they always do. I am really impressed with the political awareness of the latino minority of the United States. Their passion, and political awareness do give the left some hope. It's really awesome watching kids of high school age walk out like that. It reminded me of documentaries and movies of the week I have seen about the great changes that the 1960s showed was possible. I think Americans should view their latin immigrants as an asset rather than a burden. After all they all seem to be gainfully employed and working throughout the country.

The next area that is really inside my head, is of what I think the Liberal party's foreign policy objectives should be. As a party member, I have really been thinking about this I have come up with some interesting conclusions.

Canada's role in the international community should be seen as conciliatory nation, as well as a facilitator in the International community. The name Canada only brings up positive connotation throughout any part of the world. We have the opportunity to use our influence as a soft power to change the world for good. From South east asia, to the Muslim world, Canada is respected and not tainted in regards to bias as a nation state.

In terms of being a conciliatory nation, we must take an active role in conflict resolution, and reconciliation in the worlds trouble spots. Iraqi police should be trained by the RCMP, as shoulde those in Palestine.

Canada should play an active role in the middle east and developing a lasting peace, as a participant that is not seen as biased by both parties in the conflict. It is clear to see that the Americans have no credibility in the Arab world, and the EU is seen being too pro palestinian. I see this a vacuum in which Canada could help facilitate a real solution involving negotiations.

The Canada Corps idea is a great idea that former Prime Minister Paul Martin came up with, but I think that it should be turned into an organization that acts on behalf of the Canadian government when it comes to aid donations, and making development sustainable, with a human touch. Sending young Canadians abroad as members of the corps could only help the world.

That is basically all I have for now, more fun foreign policy tomorrow. I find it so much more interesting than domestic politics. The lack of major ideological issues help my interest.

went down to the crossroads.....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's a bullshit three ring circus side show...

This could describe many things, but mainly it is describing the World Baseball Classic, where both the Americans and Canadians experienced their best players bailing on their respective teams. This tournament is almost as stupid as the NHL shutting down for the olympics.

There is a reason why spring training is never taken seriously, it is because the mechanics of the players are no where near being ready. The hitters are out of it, the pitchers may have some fresh heat, but other than that, its error filled exhibition baseball.

Canada's 2 most dominant closers are both not playing, Eric Gagne and Ryan Dempster are both sitting it out, along with Barry Bonds, and an assortment of others. The only people taking this thing seriously are the Latin countries. Their passion for the game and their fans actually makes baseball exciting. The atmosphere for the Dominican Republic- Venezuela game was awesome, and the sell out crowd was shown an intense game that featured home runs, as well as awesome defence.

Meanwhile, The US barely outdueled Mexico 2-0, and Canada had a terrible game beating South Africa 11-8. Luckily this isn't hockey, or else people up here would really care. But it is hard to care, when the greatest Canadian player of all time just retired (Larry Walker), and the best pitchers are in their training camps respectively(Gagne, and Dempster).

Well, thats my sports fix for today, a good thing to talk about is the new government's arrogance and idiotic behaviour when dealing with the ethics counsellor. Since when do MP's now in government get to pick and choose when to listen to the ethics counsellor. Aren't you supposed to empower him Stephen? Just because he isn't giving you a free pass gives you no right to act like an arrogant prick. You were the guy who wanted that goof from out west to tape his coversations with the Liberals last summer. That was a joke, now this is turning into one. Do us all a favour and keep screwing up. I could go for an election next year, I think we should do it to you like you did it to us. One good turn deserves another in my books, and thats not even talking about how you are going to mess up foreign policy. Thats an area, which I have some significant education.

Let the blind lead the blind, its an eye for an eye, in this so called life......

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Load up on Guns, Brings your friends.....

The topic of todays lesson is hunting lessons. Don't let old white men go quail hunting in Texas. But then again, if your part of the elite you can get away with anything. Even hunting without a permit, maybe even accidentally killing a companion and fundraiser with birdshot. The Vice-President was so arrogant, that he blamed the man he shot for getting in the way of his bullet. The good Doctor himself wouldn't be that brash, even after a quart of Wild Turkey Bourbon.

The most shocking aspect of this whole thing, is the casual abandon of which the media covered this event. If a Canadian cabinet minister wounded someone on a hunting expedition, he would be forced to resign, face a criminal investigation, and probably end up doing public service announcements. Lets face it, Americans are addicted to guns, and the consequences of irresponsible firearm use and ownership.

This should be a wakeup call to a nation that is addicted to firearms. But it is treated as a joke in the media, as just a boys will be boys example. Do us all a favour, investigate, dig, follow your leads, ande get this arrogant jackass to resign. The lack of accountability in that regime makes my dear Liberal party look squeaky clean. If the republic wants to be an example for the rest of the world, they should clean up their act and not be as corrupt as the 3rd world dictatorships they invade, and conquer through force or neo-liberal economics.

Lets talk about me, you could say I'm waiting for a place to happen, or maybe a person to arrive. But hey, it's been 4 years, another month or 2 won't hurt that bad. By then the snow will be melted, and I will be doing something less interesting than snowmobiling. Now that is not that fun. But sometimes waiting for something good makes you appreciate it more when it arrives. It seems I am going to test this theory. It is an interesting theory that tests my patience. Lets get on with life, tomorrow or the day after that. Its only the first intermission, and things are just getting out of hand.

Then it hit me, this Cosmic pull and energy It kinda makes me wonder If I'll ever make it Back home

Saturday, January 28, 2006

keep my feet on the ground, keep my head in the clouds

It's about 10:30 on a saturday evening, not much is happening here. Why you ask? We'll things are no longer very exciting around here. The election is out of the way, our guy won, but we lost the government. Good and bad, oh well, its politics, a very silly game. One good thing tonight, is that I found a very large cheque with my name on it. Now I can afford some more luxuries, maybe a cattle class seat overseas. Work, now work, where are you? This career bs is taking a while to get on with.

Lets talk about some issues, now we have the right in charge, mainly thanks to the far left who cut our base out west! Now, that is just a good kick in the pants. The best part about Jack and Olivia being in Parliament is that they can no longer ruin the City of Toronto. The Toronto Police Services Boards is no safe to accomplish ways to help our police, as opposed to Olivia Chow ruining everything for everyone on City council.

Ideally, i should be writing sports, politics is a good diversion, but I need to suck up to a few too many people to make serious inroads in that game. The only type of political involvement i would enjoy would be writing politics in the gonzo nature. Yes, Gonzo journalism needs to be reexamined and renewed as the current crop of political junkies on both sides of the border are tired hacks who investigate very little and spout whatever is told to them by the right wing spin doctors. Then I could tear apart all enemies, and those who lack any back bone, with my pen.

But I would rather cover sports and get paid to watch hockey then any of that stuff. If you like this writing. I would love to send anyone my portfolio (everyone thinks its bloody brilliant and poignently written).

Why sledding (snowmobiling)?

Sledding is what drives me these days, got to love that ride on the trail close to the snow. If only i had a soundtrack for my rides would I be totally at ease in a ride. The tight turns, leaning in to turns on instinct. Pushing the little Yamaha to its known limits, trail riding works the body and the mind, as well as visually. I really need a big powerful Ski Doo soon, that would make things more extreme and more interesting. I have grown tired of being a big man riding a shetland pony. I need to pony up soon and buy a big bad sled to tear around the area. Plus I know this one person who would like to join me on the trails. That would be ideal fun. But that is a totally different tangent.

I'm at the cottage, ready to ride. My suit is ready, as are my reflexes, too much lake riding makes me feel slow though. Lets stick to the trails and ride it out.

Hey Bartender, hit me with double, and introduce me to the girl with the bubble.....
ps if the spelling is off, blame the spell check, its just not use to dialup.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Your brain dead, you got a bullet in your head.....

Ah, crime wave, where are you? Birdflu, have you made an appearance yet? Lets talk about the fear of living, yes you know that makes us people afraid to leave our houses. We are egged on by a local newscast looking to penetrate our psyche and sensationalize every instance of a firearm being shot off. The people who live in Kingston, Jamaica, and Johannesburg would say we have it pretty easy here in Toronto.

Its not that dangerous, the hoardes are not coming to murder us and take our electronics. They already have most of them, they aren't that expensive....

The braces are off, after 2 years and 3 months they are gone. Replaced with a retainer that reminds me of when i had one when i was in Grade 7. Times have changed since then, thats for sure. But i sound just as goofy when i have the bloody thing in my mouth that is for sure. Hopefully i won't lose this one under the bed like that last one. Now thats what i call wishfull thinking isnt it....

Beautiful disaster, flying down the street again.......

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Politics are everywhere, damn polls

Well, Alberta doesn't understand Ontario, first off there is a reason why we don't vote Conservative, and his name is Mike Harris. He proved to be the most corrupt, and evil premier in the history of the PC party in Ontario. That is why who shy away from Stephen Harper and his hair that never moves. Now that I have said that, I think its more important to not pay attention to all the spin and vote for who represents my interests.

yeah, enough about that, more about me, new year, in number, not much else happening. Wondering where some people are, stuff like that. In terms of reality, I don't feel any older or any richer. Just a bit wiser, and more worldly, easier to do without the drink so much that is for sure.

In terms of writing, righteous indignation makes the words flow very easily, the pen is a weapon, a very powerful if used properly, like Sinclair and the Jungle, or Fear and loathing with Hunter. Oh well, not too much else going on, back to the trail, back to strategy.

Do you know where you are, your in the Jungle baby, and your going down..............