Saturday, January 28, 2006

keep my feet on the ground, keep my head in the clouds

It's about 10:30 on a saturday evening, not much is happening here. Why you ask? We'll things are no longer very exciting around here. The election is out of the way, our guy won, but we lost the government. Good and bad, oh well, its politics, a very silly game. One good thing tonight, is that I found a very large cheque with my name on it. Now I can afford some more luxuries, maybe a cattle class seat overseas. Work, now work, where are you? This career bs is taking a while to get on with.

Lets talk about some issues, now we have the right in charge, mainly thanks to the far left who cut our base out west! Now, that is just a good kick in the pants. The best part about Jack and Olivia being in Parliament is that they can no longer ruin the City of Toronto. The Toronto Police Services Boards is no safe to accomplish ways to help our police, as opposed to Olivia Chow ruining everything for everyone on City council.

Ideally, i should be writing sports, politics is a good diversion, but I need to suck up to a few too many people to make serious inroads in that game. The only type of political involvement i would enjoy would be writing politics in the gonzo nature. Yes, Gonzo journalism needs to be reexamined and renewed as the current crop of political junkies on both sides of the border are tired hacks who investigate very little and spout whatever is told to them by the right wing spin doctors. Then I could tear apart all enemies, and those who lack any back bone, with my pen.

But I would rather cover sports and get paid to watch hockey then any of that stuff. If you like this writing. I would love to send anyone my portfolio (everyone thinks its bloody brilliant and poignently written).

Why sledding (snowmobiling)?

Sledding is what drives me these days, got to love that ride on the trail close to the snow. If only i had a soundtrack for my rides would I be totally at ease in a ride. The tight turns, leaning in to turns on instinct. Pushing the little Yamaha to its known limits, trail riding works the body and the mind, as well as visually. I really need a big powerful Ski Doo soon, that would make things more extreme and more interesting. I have grown tired of being a big man riding a shetland pony. I need to pony up soon and buy a big bad sled to tear around the area. Plus I know this one person who would like to join me on the trails. That would be ideal fun. But that is a totally different tangent.

I'm at the cottage, ready to ride. My suit is ready, as are my reflexes, too much lake riding makes me feel slow though. Lets stick to the trails and ride it out.

Hey Bartender, hit me with double, and introduce me to the girl with the bubble.....
ps if the spelling is off, blame the spell check, its just not use to dialup.

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