Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Politics are everywhere, damn polls

Well, Alberta doesn't understand Ontario, first off there is a reason why we don't vote Conservative, and his name is Mike Harris. He proved to be the most corrupt, and evil premier in the history of the PC party in Ontario. That is why who shy away from Stephen Harper and his hair that never moves. Now that I have said that, I think its more important to not pay attention to all the spin and vote for who represents my interests.

yeah, enough about that, more about me, new year, in number, not much else happening. Wondering where some people are, stuff like that. In terms of reality, I don't feel any older or any richer. Just a bit wiser, and more worldly, easier to do without the drink so much that is for sure.

In terms of writing, righteous indignation makes the words flow very easily, the pen is a weapon, a very powerful if used properly, like Sinclair and the Jungle, or Fear and loathing with Hunter. Oh well, not too much else going on, back to the trail, back to strategy.

Do you know where you are, your in the Jungle baby, and your going down..............

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