Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Load up on Guns, Brings your friends.....

The topic of todays lesson is hunting lessons. Don't let old white men go quail hunting in Texas. But then again, if your part of the elite you can get away with anything. Even hunting without a permit, maybe even accidentally killing a companion and fundraiser with birdshot. The Vice-President was so arrogant, that he blamed the man he shot for getting in the way of his bullet. The good Doctor himself wouldn't be that brash, even after a quart of Wild Turkey Bourbon.

The most shocking aspect of this whole thing, is the casual abandon of which the media covered this event. If a Canadian cabinet minister wounded someone on a hunting expedition, he would be forced to resign, face a criminal investigation, and probably end up doing public service announcements. Lets face it, Americans are addicted to guns, and the consequences of irresponsible firearm use and ownership.

This should be a wakeup call to a nation that is addicted to firearms. But it is treated as a joke in the media, as just a boys will be boys example. Do us all a favour, investigate, dig, follow your leads, ande get this arrogant jackass to resign. The lack of accountability in that regime makes my dear Liberal party look squeaky clean. If the republic wants to be an example for the rest of the world, they should clean up their act and not be as corrupt as the 3rd world dictatorships they invade, and conquer through force or neo-liberal economics.

Lets talk about me, you could say I'm waiting for a place to happen, or maybe a person to arrive. But hey, it's been 4 years, another month or 2 won't hurt that bad. By then the snow will be melted, and I will be doing something less interesting than snowmobiling. Now that is not that fun. But sometimes waiting for something good makes you appreciate it more when it arrives. It seems I am going to test this theory. It is an interesting theory that tests my patience. Lets get on with life, tomorrow or the day after that. Its only the first intermission, and things are just getting out of hand.

Then it hit me, this Cosmic pull and energy It kinda makes me wonder If I'll ever make it Back home

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