Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's a bullshit three ring circus side show...

This could describe many things, but mainly it is describing the World Baseball Classic, where both the Americans and Canadians experienced their best players bailing on their respective teams. This tournament is almost as stupid as the NHL shutting down for the olympics.

There is a reason why spring training is never taken seriously, it is because the mechanics of the players are no where near being ready. The hitters are out of it, the pitchers may have some fresh heat, but other than that, its error filled exhibition baseball.

Canada's 2 most dominant closers are both not playing, Eric Gagne and Ryan Dempster are both sitting it out, along with Barry Bonds, and an assortment of others. The only people taking this thing seriously are the Latin countries. Their passion for the game and their fans actually makes baseball exciting. The atmosphere for the Dominican Republic- Venezuela game was awesome, and the sell out crowd was shown an intense game that featured home runs, as well as awesome defence.

Meanwhile, The US barely outdueled Mexico 2-0, and Canada had a terrible game beating South Africa 11-8. Luckily this isn't hockey, or else people up here would really care. But it is hard to care, when the greatest Canadian player of all time just retired (Larry Walker), and the best pitchers are in their training camps respectively(Gagne, and Dempster).

Well, thats my sports fix for today, a good thing to talk about is the new government's arrogance and idiotic behaviour when dealing with the ethics counsellor. Since when do MP's now in government get to pick and choose when to listen to the ethics counsellor. Aren't you supposed to empower him Stephen? Just because he isn't giving you a free pass gives you no right to act like an arrogant prick. You were the guy who wanted that goof from out west to tape his coversations with the Liberals last summer. That was a joke, now this is turning into one. Do us all a favour and keep screwing up. I could go for an election next year, I think we should do it to you like you did it to us. One good turn deserves another in my books, and thats not even talking about how you are going to mess up foreign policy. Thats an area, which I have some significant education.

Let the blind lead the blind, its an eye for an eye, in this so called life......

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