Saturday, April 01, 2006

this is my front page, this is my new age...........

Headspace, alone and weightless, thats me in a nutshell. Ideas come and go, as do feelings, and I am just all over the place in both of those wonderful regards. The only thing that seems regular are my meals, workout stuff, and weight loss. Otherwise, I don't have too much of a clue what is really going on, nor do I have too much interest.

Lets talk about the world outside Canada, as it seems way more interesting than watching the Conservatives ruin it for everyone as they always do. I am really impressed with the political awareness of the latino minority of the United States. Their passion, and political awareness do give the left some hope. It's really awesome watching kids of high school age walk out like that. It reminded me of documentaries and movies of the week I have seen about the great changes that the 1960s showed was possible. I think Americans should view their latin immigrants as an asset rather than a burden. After all they all seem to be gainfully employed and working throughout the country.

The next area that is really inside my head, is of what I think the Liberal party's foreign policy objectives should be. As a party member, I have really been thinking about this I have come up with some interesting conclusions.

Canada's role in the international community should be seen as conciliatory nation, as well as a facilitator in the International community. The name Canada only brings up positive connotation throughout any part of the world. We have the opportunity to use our influence as a soft power to change the world for good. From South east asia, to the Muslim world, Canada is respected and not tainted in regards to bias as a nation state.

In terms of being a conciliatory nation, we must take an active role in conflict resolution, and reconciliation in the worlds trouble spots. Iraqi police should be trained by the RCMP, as shoulde those in Palestine.

Canada should play an active role in the middle east and developing a lasting peace, as a participant that is not seen as biased by both parties in the conflict. It is clear to see that the Americans have no credibility in the Arab world, and the EU is seen being too pro palestinian. I see this a vacuum in which Canada could help facilitate a real solution involving negotiations.

The Canada Corps idea is a great idea that former Prime Minister Paul Martin came up with, but I think that it should be turned into an organization that acts on behalf of the Canadian government when it comes to aid donations, and making development sustainable, with a human touch. Sending young Canadians abroad as members of the corps could only help the world.

That is basically all I have for now, more fun foreign policy tomorrow. I find it so much more interesting than domestic politics. The lack of major ideological issues help my interest.

went down to the crossroads.....

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