Tuesday, July 18, 2006

whats mine is always yours, and yours is mine...

Whats left of my life these days, lots of things, many positive things. There is vision, purpose, poise, and control. I have taken control of so many things which before I let slip out of control.

Direction is found in the most strange places, that being an inner city elementary school, rather than say the manic setting of a newsroom, or on assigment somewhere. Is it dissapointing though? Yes and no, yes because I will miss that rush that sports brought me, but no because I found a calling which I believe I can make a difference in society and give back to which I have been able to take from to an extent.

Now onto pressing issues, for example that hyperactive basketcase we call middle east relations. The moral of the story is simple, DO NOT SPONSOR TERRORISTS. Can i be any clearer, the pseudo government if Lebanon really put itself in this predicament when they harbored those militants from Hezbollah. The wrath of the IDF is enevitable, and it often responds in a fashion that is predictable for its strength and its devotion to the protection of the Jewish state.

For a refresher on Lebanon, I suggest you look on wikipeida, as it has been operated as client state of Syria's for about 15 years now, as the Syrian army just left Lebanon last year after that fiasco of killing the leader of their opposition. In the years before, the Country fought a brutal civil war based on sectarian lines. If they had a more effective state, they would have expelled the militants, and not let them operate in the south of their country. The Israeli occupation ended a few years ago, and Sharon's policy of non-interference had been working.

This leads to those slow acting leaders of our right wing government here in Canada, they have totally messed this up. Foreign affairs knows there is a large number of Canadians in that country, and the fact they would be at risk is obvious. They have acted in a slow dimwitted way, that only a conservative government could. They could have chartered a few planes on the weekend to ferry Canadians out with assurances from the Israeli government they would be safe, but the PM didn't respond till Sunday at the G8 summit. Stephen that was pretty weak, same with Peter Mackay, typical slow witted Conservatives, praise on Israel, forgetting about Lebanese Canadians in danger.

For the record I just started reading the Rum diaries, by HST. It is much less polished than his work in the 70's even though it lacks the drug induced activities. It really shows that writing is something you have to do a lot of to really craft together something special. The Rum diaries is brilliant in its own ways, as it is the work of a gifted prodigy, working on his first true assigment. But I wish HST would have rewritten it later in life, to put a real context on it.

I wish Hemmingway had discovered how to moderate his boozing like Thompson did with writing, that would have made his most depressing work much more entertaining. But we are talking about 2 distinct writers, one writing semi-autobiographical fiction, and the King of Gonzo Journalism, the equivalent of Cubism to journalism.

i'm sitting on the rooftop ready to fall....