Friday, November 17, 2006

They're trying to build a prison, trying to build a prison........

So, for every crazy thing involving torture by Americans, in Iraq, or at Gitmo, it comes back to one place, The School of the Americas, which until a few years ago was based in the Panama Canal Zone.

Currently it is based out of Fort Benning in Georgia. This weekend is the annual protest weekend to close the school. Why close it? Well, every single right wing military officer south of the Rio Grande was trained to torture, murder, kill, and rape there. The Americans trained, Brasillians, Argentines, Chilleans, and other various military regimes to kill, kill and torture.

Where does this fit in, in the modern world? Everything the American's taught the Latin americans, they have done in Iraq. in Baghdad and Cuba, the Americans have used tried and tested torture techniques that were perfected decades ago in the western hemisphere. Stories of the dirty war in Argentina, and the disgusting behaviour of the Pinochet government in Chile, to a nonexistant Marxist threat, gave these governments the ability to act with reckless abandon and the Military acted right out of the text book from the SOA. So, I say this, if America is the best army in the world, close the SOA. its best for us all.

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