Monday, November 27, 2006

We make mistakes, and we apologize with roses, we never stop to smell on the way....

its official, Michael Ignatieff pulled a Brian Mulroney move. Yeah, he was too busy screwing out outside of Canada to remember the ploy Mulroney pulled in Quebec to appease the soft Federalist, and soft separatist votes.
Now you may ask where is this going? Well its going to a point, and that point is the Liberals are the party of Trudeau, not Brian Mulroney. Trudeau the Uniter, not Mulroney, the failed appeaser. This posturing is petty and plays into the separatist's hands. These are the people who accused Pierre Trudeau and Jean Charest of not being ethnically pure Quebecois. When it comes to nationalism, this reminds me of the balkans.
These separatists should be exposed for their racist and Xenephobic views of what Quebec is, rather than debate in non constitutional way whether or not Quebec is a nation. Plus, what gives the Quebecois a right to call themselves a nation, when there is a Cree nation that owns most of northern Quebec. Does that make them a nation within a nation? This type of dumb posturing and semantic gives Canadian politics a bad name, and further alienates western Canada.

Gerard Kennedy is the first contender to grow a spine against this totally inane and stupid declaration. Sure he has his political reasons, but he is really representing young Canadians, and our view that we are all Canadian regardless of where we are from, 2-3 generations ago.
Canada is a nation of many peoples, and they are distinct and unique. But that is what makes Canada special.
I can quote Animal Farm in saying "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." I see that as similar as declaring a nation within Canada.

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