Monday, December 04, 2006

Living by the sword.....

The koolaid is having an aftereffect on the iggy supporters! Micheal's campaign created divisions, and it eventually led to his demise. So do all us real Liberals a favour and either get with the program, or get off the boat. For the record I joined the party because I like my MP, and party as a whole rather than any particular leadership candidate.

When you run a campaign based around divisiveness and ideas that were actually non liberal, and more Mulroney like, it is bound to happen. Trudeau would have been spinning in his grave, yet Michaels people thought he was the second coming of Trudeau. Ignatieff's people have no idea how divided us non-iggy people were about him. Thanks to their blinders of course. It drove us to Dion, it pushed us far away, we didn't want the koolaid, we never did. We wanted a leader that brought us together, not the choice of the backroom boys. We wanted a new leader, not the POWERCORP backroom selection. Micheal's campaign was that divisive and his policies led him to die by the sword. So that is what happens when you live by the sword, you die by it!

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