Thursday, December 21, 2006

more climate change, and musings....

I was listening to a CBC radio program this morning, where Canadian skiier's were interviewed along with the president of the International Skiing Federation. It looks like they have noticed that in the past few years, the Alps are melting, and ski season has had to be changed and cancelled in regards to the alps in November and December. This made me think that these winter athletes, being creatures of the winter all their lives, training and skiing would notice this type of change over the years.

So, this is another example of our climate change, along with our Vancouver like weather, and the Vancouver windstorms, it is safe to say that something is up. But our "so-called " prime minister is using his neo-con fact sheet about what is really happening in his hair?

For those of you not totally familiar with the neo-cons and their child like denial of climate change, check out this 60 minutes story about how NASA's top scientist on climate change was censored by the wonderful people in White house.

To me this does not make any sense (in Canada's political landscape), the Republicans are just covering their own behinds. They get so much money from big oil that it makes sense for them to basically cover their ears and go lalalalalala, in regards to the environment. There are no donations from big oil in Canada to political parties. With emissions trading, any excess from the oil sands can probably be covered with emissions credits. Its another free market, wouldn't the Conservatives be in favour of that?

What I am trying to point out, is that this is another example of Stephen Harper, and his strange fascination with American Republicanism. It started with his old job, as the taxpayers lobbyist, and until recently was hidden quite well in his role as PM. But his true colours are finally starting to show up! What is next Stephen? 2 tier health care? SUV subsidies? Tax cuts for the extremely wealthy?

Just a few thoughts....

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