Monday, December 18, 2006

newsmaker of the year?

Its funny, this issue of Time Magazine is used primarily to move a few more copies. You have to wonder why they chose Stephen Harper? Maybe for his gaffe's on the international stage. His important men's room meeting with the President of China? Maybe it was his so-called gutsier foreign policy, which in reality was a copy of the Bush administration foreign policy? I guess time doesn't read about our lost respect on our non-compliance of Kyoto. Got to love all these maybes

Some important questions to ask?
Does the cover of the magazine have a picture of Stephen harper as a puppet?
Is this an example of right wing media bias? (Was Paul Martin last year's newsmaker of the year?)
Does Time know about the lack of credibility Canada now carries in the EU?
Don't Canadians use youtube, myspace, blogger as much as Americans?

Thats all I can think of right now....
what are your theories?


rob said...

"Newsmaker of the year" isn't an endorsement. Stalin and Hitler have both won it in the past.

It just speaks to how influential the person was.

Anonymous said...

Chiding China on their dismal human rights record is not an international gaffe.

Kyoto was such a success for Canada that emissions went up 35%.

Paul Martin did diddly squat when he was Prime Minister. Stephen Harper has met the majority of his promises that got him elected. This might be a wierd concept to Liberals.

Canada is finally a somebody on the international stage. Someone who is through sitting on the fence and trying to be all things to all people. Decisions are now made AND carried out.

wilson said...

Time chose him because:

''...For the way he has dramatically reshaped the national conversation, for restoring a sense of competence and integrity to high public office, and for proving that big ideas still matter in Canadian politics, Stephen Harper has been chosen by TIME as Canada's Newsmaker of 2006," concludes Handelman.''

"for restoring a sense of competence and integrity to high public office"
...ouch, the truth hurts when you are a Liberal!

Jamie Callingham said...

more like a sense on incompetence! He is acting like a Bush admin spokesman.

Too bad the Chinese laughed at him, and then we lose any influence we have with the next superpower.

Though, Polls don't like!