Monday, December 11, 2006

Pinochet: he got away with it all.....

So today, Augusto Pinochet,
perhaps the most paranoid of the pro-American dictators died of a heart attack. He was famous for believing that the Soviet Union was trying to invade Chile and fund a non-existent insurgency that was happening in the Andes.

He was also responsible for the caravan of death, that went around the country, killing political dissidents, all under the watchful eye of the American government and their corporate interests. The worst part of Pinochet was that towards the very end, like 2 weeks ago he wanted to meet with the victims of his crimes. His daughter had expressed this on Chilean tv, that he was lucid enough to do this.

He should have been tried, he should have been convicted, and he should have died in a prison cell, not in the mansion that he lived in thanks to the corrupt nature of his government. Other countries have started to clear their books. The Argentinians recently took immunity away from their dirty warriors, and Brasil has enough demons that it has excised from its authoritarian past. But what can we learn from this? I don't know, I am just glad that the people of Chile have not turned Pinochet into a martyr and they see him for the evil reign of terror he put through Chile.

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