Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006., My trial by fire

SO its now 2007, and 2006 really was the first year in which I got involved with the Liberal part of Canada. Yes, far from being the typical leadership follower, I joined up as a University graduate looking for something to do in December of 2005, to try and help Dan McTeague win the riding of Pickering Scarborough-east.

Well, needless to say, we won by a fairly large number but we lost the election as a whole. Considering my background as a poly sci major, I really had no idea how an election worked or how campaigning happened. It was an interesting introduction for me to riding association politics.

From here, I was able to join the OYL, and become a youth executive at the riding level. I found that OYL is a pretty cool group of people, and though we don't agree on everything, we tend to have a good time talking politics at our various events.

By far the highlight of my year, was the leadership convention, which I had the chance to attend as a member of the Laurier club. I enjoyed meeting Canadians from everywhere, it was refreshing, as being from Toronto, we do get that Toronto centric bubble about the world. Though, my first choice didn't win overall I was happy with the result. I am hoping that our 2 elections this year in Ontario come up red!

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