Friday, January 05, 2007

ah, Mr Khan, what to say?

So, I was looking for a picture of Wajid Khan selling used cars, but there wasn't anything I could come up with. For those of you not from Toronto, Mr Khan used to do regular advertisements for his car dealership on the Fan 590. Wajid would talk with Gord Stellick about how great the Miata's and Mazda 6's were, and how they had great used cars. His ads were very hokey to say the least, and he was lampooned on a regular basis by the fan's morning show (Marsden and Landrey at the time). This has to be the first time, that I have heard about Khan since then, with that mention on middle eastern affairs which i gave a glancing look in the paper while sitting at the dock.
PM's Middle Eastern rep....
The last time I checked, Wajid was from Pakistan, and I learned in Geography class that Pakistan is not part of the middle east. Its probably more in South Asia ( a region that has its own unique Political issues and problems), so I do not understand what type of expertise Mr. Khan would bring to that area. He is not arab, but he is a muslim, those are both groups which Conservatives struggle to represent when it comes to finding candidates for their ridings. Though Khan is a back bencher for the Conservative now, there is no doubt he will be appointed to that strange position that Stephen offered him this past summer. Though I hope he can convince Musharraf to close the border with Afghanistan, so the terrorist's can no longer go back and forth like cross border shoppers in Niagara falls.

This whole business of crossing the floor is ugly, it has a real bad smell to it. But to be honest, when the 2 former Liberals (Khan, Emerson) go over to the Conservatives, they do so in their own self interest's and have done so in what are urban, Liberal ridings where the Conservatives have had no chance of winning. I would be willing to make a wager that both these ridings are back in Liberal hands before the end of the year. I expect Mr. Khan to be soundly defeated next election, and go back to his job of entertaining us with his goofy commercials on the sports radio station.


Anonymous said...

Good post -- I didn't know about the goofy ads but that doesn't surprise me!

I don't know what Khan was thinking -- he'll be easily defeated in his riding especially as the Liberals already have plans to find a prominent member of the Muslim community in that riding to be their candidate.

Jamie Callingham said...

oh yeah, Wajid is well known for talking on and on about how great Mazda's are, like they were luxury cars or something, it sounded like he was chewing on something while he was talking. I miss those silly commercials...

Anonymous said... know what they say about trusting used car salesmen - don't.

I think there's something suspicious about this man - has he ever been investigate?

He was a fighter pilot and a used car salesman - so where are his qualifications here?

Dion made the right move here - on principal instead of vote buying.

S.K. said...

Wajid Kahan was a pawn used in a brilliant move by Dion to delay an election until at least the fall and make the NDP be the ones to prop up the conservative governement.

Harper has never really face the Liberal party with all its minds behind one leader. He was outfoxed yesterday and took the bait.

Soon he isn't going to know what hit him.

Khan's just a pawn he'll be gone after the next election.

Jamie Callingham said...

hmmm, thats an interesting take, 2 elections this fall though. that would crazy!