Thursday, January 11, 2007

Appeal to redress, American troops want to go home now.

Looks like over 1000 American Soldiers signed a petition to come home immediately. They are presenting this appeal to redess on Martin Luther King day, to capital Hill. Democracy now! even interviewed a soldier in Iraq, who talked about how the Americans have no strategy in Baghdad, and they drive around like sitting ducks, waiting to be attacked.

This is so pathetic, thats all i have to say about this sorry war. 3000 dead Americans, a virtual genocide in Iraq, and half a billion dollars later extremist have taken control of Iraq. This president is living in a dream world.

here is a copy of the interview with the soldier in Iraq


melissa fockler said...

Thanks for posting this.

Jamie Callingham said...

CBC just picked up on this story, I beat them journalists by a week. Boooya!