Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Climate change intimidation...

It could be coming to Canada. It appears that Bush administration has been harassing scientists in the US government to get them to deny that humans are playing a role in global warming. They were outright interfering with scientists and their work on global warming. Democracy now has all the details about how scientists were treated. NASA scientists had their press releases censored and suppressed by Bush Administration appointees. They even changed the results of reports done by some of the best climate scientists in the US. They actually tampered with the results, only in Bush America says I! The interference in the civil service is really pathetic, and shows how lobbying is so insidious inside the current American administration.

This is so typical for the American administration with their holier than thou attitude towards just about everything they can't understand or agree with. The real question is when are we going to see this type of behavior from the Harper Government. They have tried in so many ways to import the neo-con attitude and agenda. I hope we get rid of them before they have the chance. Will John Baird personally edit all climate related press releases from Environment Canada? Lets hope not!

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