Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Fair and Balanced Comparison, Stephen Harper and Bill Lumberg

Warning: This post contains inside information from the Movie Office space!
I'm gonna have to go ahead and have you come in on saturday. or Hi Peter, whats happening? It hit me today, the robotic figure that Stephen Harper is reminds me of Bill Lumberg from Office Space.

His lack of charity for those below him, his smug arrogant attitude. Who am I describing? Harper or Lumberg? I'm going to have to say both.

A general lackadasical attitude to those around you... (the press or Peter and Milton)? So, why can't he just give press conferences? Why doesn't he listen people when they say something to him?

A total lack of charisma? (I haven't seen someone look so bored at a Stanley cup final)

A general fear of change, and or conflict with colleagues? ok, the firing of Milton was handled badly I know, but I can compare that to say Harper's total flip flop on the accountability act, and its absolute lack of any real transparancy!

Im beginning to think, that Stephen Harper has been doing too many TPS reports! That is what is keeping him from making a definitive statement on global warming.

Oh my god, I figured it out, Stephen Harper and Bill Lumberg came from the same Robot factory! Stephen came without suspenders though.

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