Tuesday, January 30, 2007

its a 3 ring circus, no wait a sec its question period....

Well, once again our new government has manage to underwhelm me with their contradictory approach to government. Spending most of question period trying to continue their lame attempts to try and hit at Stephane Dion's record for the environment, was totally idiotic. What about your plan for the environment? Do you have anything better? Oh yeah, we won't meet your targets till I am in my 60s.

Despite its attempt to actually brand itself as different from any previous Government, Stephen and his white boys continue to forget they are in government and are acting like they are in opposition. My theory is that they are really incompetent, and are afraid of what they will do as a government, and instead have chosen to cover their ears and go lalalalalalalalala, were not in power lalalalalalalallala. This theory is based in my own Centre-left biases though, based upon the incompetence of the Republican Administration down south in its handling of various things. You know because this governemnt admires George, and his cronies, so I guess Stephen can try and be as inept and lame duck as dubya.

And John Baird, and his holier than thou attitude about the environment. Where does he get off on that? I remember John Baird being the biggest climate change denier in the old Harris government. It only took him a tour around Stanley Park to realize that its real? Does that make angry man Baird a visual learner? Did he get angry, when he saw all the trees on the ground in Stanley Park? Did he start yelling at the trees like he yells at Liberals?

I don't know, but we are in for more of this garbage in the H of C. I'd expect this type of behaviour in a school yard, but please keep the house to proper debating of real issues. If you want to dwell on the past, we can talk about all those balanced budgets, and discuss Tory follies like the Airbus scandal, with a Brian Mulroney action figure that "Kicks back".

Back to Parliament, I've seen more maturity in a grade 9 math class. Who are you going to blame when you lose the election? The voters maybe?

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