Monday, January 29, 2007

sometimes Canadian politics sucks....

I'm really disappointed in the Conservatives new ads. They are stupid, as well as misleading. But with the Americanization of Canadian politics, this is to be expected. Another smokescreen put through attack ads to hide the lack of vision this new government has. We are just as guilty as they are in the past for doing these ads, and they are always misleading and negative. Politics is about ideas and policy, not about who is evil and who does what? Political hacks can be the most hateful malicious people, and they have no idea how moronic they sound to the general public.

This reminds me really, why I totally find Canadian politics boring sometimes. It's when we start to think like American politicos that makes me want to hurl. The attack ads, the permanent campaigning and mudslinging.

It really made me realize why as an undergrad I really enjoyed branching out and learning about politics in other countries and avoiding the Canadian Political courses as I thought they would bring in too many of my personal biases and cause me to be bored and fall asleep in lecture. North American politics is starting to look more homogeneous, thats not good. We don't have a congress, we shouldn't have elections every other year, and our senate is unelected for a reason. Because it is a powerless stamp of approval based in British tradition to be sober second thought on government.

I really wish that this session of Parliament could start with a serious debate about climate change, and a solution to our nation's problems. Yes, there will be an election soon, but its the Conservatives own fault if they bring in a neo-con budget that punishes women, and hurts those who are voiceless, an helps further destroy the Environment. I'd happily campaign against that record.

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evans said...

soldiers on our streets in Canada,enough said about bullshit in attack ads.