Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dumb words the press picks up on.....

I always thought surge was a flavour of Gatorade, and that my power bar protected me from an electricity surge. Now, hack political reporters have picked up on it, thanks to some idiot speechwriter in the white house. Calling 20,000 troops in a war zone where at least another 150,000 is needed is stupid. Now the Canadian press is picking up on it, these hacks called some poll results a surge in support for legohead Harper.

The other word is embolden, which is spelled just like embroidery. Cut through the language and the rhetoric, and it really means. Yep, it just makes someones enemies stronger. This is just a distraction word, to hide the debate about war in the United States. Watch the Conservative clowns start saying it about the Taliban.

Its monkey see, monkey do, both in the so-called New government and in our dumb print press.

Politics is so stupid sometimes, especially the arcane language and silly catchphrases used in it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kyoto now!

Since we are now going to see smoke and mirrors by the Cons about Kyoto. I think its time us Liberals offer up a feasible alternative. But also. because I haven't blogged in a while, here is the lyrics to Bad Religion's song Kyoto now.

It's a matter of prescience
No, not the science fiction kind
It's all about ignorance,
and greed, and miracles for the blind
the media parading, disjointed politics
founded on petrochemical plunder
and we're its hostages

If you stand to reason
you're in the game
the rules might be elusive
but our pieces are the same
and you know if one goes down we all go down as well
the balance is precarious as anyone can tell
this world's going to hell

Don't allow
this mythologic hopeful monster to exact its price
Kyoto now!
We can't do nothing and I think someone else will make it right

You might not think it matters now
But what if you are wrong
You might not think there's any wisdom in a fucked up punk rock song
But the way it is
cannot persist for long
a brutal sun is rising on a sick horizon

It's in the way
we live our lives
exactly like the double-edge of a cold familiar knife
and supremacy weighs heavy on the day
it's never really what you own but what you threw away
and how much did you pay?

In your dreams
You saw a steady state a bounty for eternity
Silent screams
but now the wisdom that sustains us is in full retreat
Don't allow
this mythologic hopeful monster isn't worth the risk
Kyoto now!
We can't have vision for the future if it can't be fixed
We need a fresh and new religion to run our lives
Hand in hand
the arid torpor of inaction will be our demise

Oh, Kyoto now!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Another reason why I only listen to Satellite radio, plus by-election thoughts...

Last weekend, I happened to be out canvassing with some friends in one of the by-elections. And to my horror I heard some anti-abortion ad on Edge 102.1 while driving to a poll. We were all totally shocked that they would air such a one sided anti abortion ad. These types of ads have no place on the air, especially when aimed at a teenagers. It was a very high pressure ad, and I felt totally inappropriate for children's ears during the day. Have these anti-choice people have no common sense?

This isn't the only time I've been pissed off at that station. Their morning show has become a dumbed down mouthpiece for John Tory, and I have no time for their dumbass antics. I am glad I made the switch to Sirius. Alt Nation and Octane are 10x's better than edge, and if I want dumbed down crap, I could always listen to Howard Stern in the morning.

The by-election results, they were predictable. NDP were campaigning on one issue in York South-Weston, the MPP wage increase. It worked, using their typical smoke and mirrors, aka the greedy MPP, which is far from the truth. Typical NDP rhetoric, don't get me started on their anti-business and anti-working policies. MPP's are underpaid, and thats the truth of it, they deserved the raise.

Burlington has to be the most right wing suburb of the GTA. They seem to love the Cons, though the further you get from downtown TO, the more likely people are going to believe the tough on crime crap from the Cons. Markham, of course was the only upside of the evening, they ran a really good campaign, and were extremely well organized. Congrats to Michael Chan and may he enjoy better campaigning weather this fall.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Little Stephen's Childcare Report Card!

Despite all the hoopla yesterday between the lame mini budget and the coming of Garth, childcare advocacy group, Buildchildcare.ca came out with Stephen's report cards with hillarious and terrible results. As an educator I find the languaged used very funny and academic.

Stop Stephen Harper playing with scissors
Report card

On early learning and child care

Name: Stephen HarperYear: February 6, 2006 - February 6, 2007

Universal child care Comments - Stephen has some trouble understanding basic concepts. His major term project, the Universal Child Care Plan, is not child care. It’s also not universal and not a plan.

Parent choice Comments - Stephen sent the cheques as promised but ignored parents who told him they need quality child care. He needs to improve his “active listening” skills.
Balancing work and family -Comments - If Stephen did his homework, he would know research shows parents need quality child care to balance work and family. Stephen needs to complete his assigned readings.
Access -Comments - Stephen uses scissors and words carelessly. He cut funds to child care and hasn’t delivered promised new spaces. Centres are closing, parent fees are up, and there’s no expansion. His “spaces initiative” won’t fix that. He needs to understand that actions and words have consequences.

Honouring agreements -Comments - Stephen doesn’t play well with others. He said he would honour agreements then went back on his word. He needs a time out to learn about fair play.

With marks like these, I'd recommend remedial studying for Stephen, as well as having him repeat whatever grade he is in. Thats just my opinion!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Welcome Garth Turner!

If its true, and Garth does defect over to the Liberals, lets us welcome Garth with open arms. His populist, and pragmatic views really seemed more Liberal than Conservative anyways. It does show that Garth is willing to be part of a big tent party, that has a few divergent points of views.

Garth will find that debate is alive and well in the Liberal caucus. We all know that most MP's in the government are muzzled like Pit Bulls in Ontario are. I for one welcome his pragmatic policies, and another red spot on the map in Southern Ontario.

Monday, February 05, 2007

climate change website down since June

So i was doing some curriculum development today for a climate change unit, when I came across some shocking news. I was given a URL to a climate change Canada website. This website has been deleted, and put under construction, as of June 30. Looks like our new government has struck again! There is no reason to why this site should be shut down? Someone please ask the Minister of Environment why this happened? We must stay vigilant in our fight against the climate change deniers, they must be educated to the wrong of their ways.

Got to love the curriculum up here though, no interference from neo-cons. Climate change is a reality, and everyone should lower their ecological footprint! I only use 3.9 earths. That's below the Canadian average.
How much do you use?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Politics and Music

I like to mix my politics and music. I enjoy loud heavy music that often has a message that makes you think, rather than dumbed down hip hop or pop music. One thing I have noticed is the lack of mainstream Canadian music that is smart and Political. Yes, Sum 41 put a song on the anti-bush cd called moron, but they have about as much intelligence in their songs as a high school kid. But then again their music is loved by high school kids.

The best music that has positive and angry messages comes from our neighbor to the south. The toxic political atmosphere there also tends to provide a reason for bands to fight the system with their views. Here is a list of bands that I like in no particular order that are poetic, enraged, and smart in their lyrics and music.

System of a down These guys are huge, and mainstream in the metal scene. They have a sound like no other in their scene. They play at a frantic place, with songs dealing with apathy of the middle class, capitalism, and the war in Iraq. They are the band that took up the torch the Rage Against the Machine dropped when they broke up in terms of activism. I suggest you listen to Bring your own bombs as well as Hypnotise, songs that laments on the average rich, middle class, American kid, not worrying about anything except partying and having a good time, while American society is descending into a fascist state as well as a giant prison. Or Toxicity, calling for disorder and the end of the capitalist system. System are very active in social causes around the world, and their website is almost a site for political activism as it is a site about one awesome band. Being of Armenian descent, they have tirelessly worked for the increased recognition of the Armenian Genocide. And have proven to be effective ambassadors in their case.

Rise Against Rise Against are coming on strong. I have been a fan of these guys since they were on fat wreck records. Their songs are incredibly poetic, and seriously loud and aggressive in a punk sort of way. They have passion in their music unmatched in their genre, and songs like Blood, red, white and blue lament the state of affairs in the US. One their last album the sufferer and the witness. Their first single on the album (ready to fall) had an accompanying video that was a propaganda video about climate change and cruelty towards animals. These guys also walk the walk and talk the talk driving hybrid cars and being totally straight edge. The one cool thing about this band, is that their lyrics are extremely smart and not as blunt or goofy as say Green Day's American idiot. Their 2004 release Siren songs of the Counter culture was 10x's more intelligent than American Idiot, in terms of slamming the neo-cons with one song, State of the Union address. They then address the American fear mongering with the poetic "life less frightening" talking about living in a world where its not nearly as dangerous as they want you to think it is "there no war outside our head, why are we losing." I could go on and on about these guys for hours ( they are all over my ipod playlist) . But I should really let their music do the talking.

Pennywise Pennywise have been around for almost 20 years. They are the kings of the California punk scene. They are also the band that came out with songs protesting the WTO before it became the cool thing to do. Their songs are full of anger and rage, and speak through a strong voice. Their post 9/11 album from the ashes pulled no punches, and hit hard issues like dissent, media control, and overthrowing the American government. These guys are legends in the punk scene, just listen to bro hymn, waiting, WTO, and Wouldn't it be nice....

Bad Religion Bad Religion are the godfathers of modern punk music. They also have a potential theme song for the Liberal party. Everyone should listen to Kyoto now! Thats a song that talks about climate change and the oil influence. Their lead singer Greg Graffin has a PHD in Evolutionary Biology, he has even been on The Hour. Seriously, Dr Graffin is one smart guy. Their comback cd in late 2001, The process of Belief really hit home, with songs like "Sorrow", Kyoto now, and the Defence, taking a sober view in a post 9/11 period of war mongering and cheerleading. Also check out 21st century digital boy, parodying drugged up soccer moms, and lazy suburban teenage life. So good, yet so smart.

There you have it, a small list of some of my favorite political bands. I didn't include Rage because they aren't actively recording music. Here is a couple of Youtube videos, of some songs I like. Check em out.

Rise against Prayer of the Refugee

System of a Down - BYOB Bring your Own bombs

Bad Religion 21st Century digital boy

Wiarton Willie even Predicts Global warming!

Well, not really, but winter is ending soon.

From Willies official, and extremely busy website

There was no shadow on the ground
Which means that spring will come around.
Flowers will bloom and life will begin
The waters will warm then we can jump in.
Children will laugh as they learn to ride
Boaters will rise and fall with the tide
The golfers appear out on the greens
People line up to taste new ice creams.
A warm breeze will brush on your cheek
The waters will rise on some of the creeks
Farmers will plant their first set of crops
Windows and doors will open on shops
The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is worth driving to
If your looking for springtime activities to do.
Ride a horse, catch a fish, hike the trails, if you can.
So many things to do you might need a plan.
If you don’t have time to enjoy everything.
Feel free to visit again in the spring.
There’s plenty to do throughout the whole year.
Especially now that spring time is near!
-C. Wyonch