Friday, February 09, 2007

Another reason why I only listen to Satellite radio, plus by-election thoughts...

Last weekend, I happened to be out canvassing with some friends in one of the by-elections. And to my horror I heard some anti-abortion ad on Edge 102.1 while driving to a poll. We were all totally shocked that they would air such a one sided anti abortion ad. These types of ads have no place on the air, especially when aimed at a teenagers. It was a very high pressure ad, and I felt totally inappropriate for children's ears during the day. Have these anti-choice people have no common sense?

This isn't the only time I've been pissed off at that station. Their morning show has become a dumbed down mouthpiece for John Tory, and I have no time for their dumbass antics. I am glad I made the switch to Sirius. Alt Nation and Octane are 10x's better than edge, and if I want dumbed down crap, I could always listen to Howard Stern in the morning.

The by-election results, they were predictable. NDP were campaigning on one issue in York South-Weston, the MPP wage increase. It worked, using their typical smoke and mirrors, aka the greedy MPP, which is far from the truth. Typical NDP rhetoric, don't get me started on their anti-business and anti-working policies. MPP's are underpaid, and thats the truth of it, they deserved the raise.

Burlington has to be the most right wing suburb of the GTA. They seem to love the Cons, though the further you get from downtown TO, the more likely people are going to believe the tough on crime crap from the Cons. Markham, of course was the only upside of the evening, they ran a really good campaign, and were extremely well organized. Congrats to Michael Chan and may he enjoy better campaigning weather this fall.


Rudy said...

McGuinty's old salary put them in the top one per cent of earners in the province.

I think - maybe - contemptuous dismissal of people's genuine and legitimate anger is why the Liberals under McGuinty are in trouble.

ottlib said...


I once worked for a Member of Parliament.

She was at the office by 7am every morning and when the House was sitting she often did not leave until after 7pm.

Since she was an Ottawa MP, she then went out to Riding events until about 11pm or beyond.

Then she would do it all again the next day.

When the House was not sitting the only change in her schedule was she left the office by 6pm so that she could spend more time in her riding.

Of course, whether the House was sitting or not she always spent at least 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays working in the riding.

That is alot of work by anybody's standards.

As well, one thing I noticed is she was not unique. Members from all parties tended to work their butts off putting in long hours.

I once decided to take her salary (it was and is a matter of public record) and the amount of time she spent doing her job and I calculated her per hour wage at $3. Yup, she was working for $3/hour.

So Ruby when you state that you are willing to work for $3/hour then you will have a legitimate argument against any pay raise they receive. Until then you are just full of shit.

Rudy said...

You should study more math.

A person working 24 hours a day, seven days a week for three bucks an hour would make $26,208 a year. MPs make four times that. Also, last I checked, they don't work 24 hours a day or seven days a week. In fact, some MPPs - like Davenport's Tony Ruprecht - don't work at all and spend their days in Cuba "studying Portugese".

I tell you this: when voters hear arrogant politicians moaning about how they deserve a 31 per cent pay hike they get mad. If it makes you feel better to stuff your head in your ass and pretend it's not happening, I can't stop you.