Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dumb words the press picks up on.....

I always thought surge was a flavour of Gatorade, and that my power bar protected me from an electricity surge. Now, hack political reporters have picked up on it, thanks to some idiot speechwriter in the white house. Calling 20,000 troops in a war zone where at least another 150,000 is needed is stupid. Now the Canadian press is picking up on it, these hacks called some poll results a surge in support for legohead Harper.

The other word is embolden, which is spelled just like embroidery. Cut through the language and the rhetoric, and it really means. Yep, it just makes someones enemies stronger. This is just a distraction word, to hide the debate about war in the United States. Watch the Conservative clowns start saying it about the Taliban.

Its monkey see, monkey do, both in the so-called New government and in our dumb print press.

Politics is so stupid sometimes, especially the arcane language and silly catchphrases used in it.

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