Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Little Stephen's Childcare Report Card!

Despite all the hoopla yesterday between the lame mini budget and the coming of Garth, childcare advocacy group, came out with Stephen's report cards with hillarious and terrible results. As an educator I find the languaged used very funny and academic.

Stop Stephen Harper playing with scissors
Report card

On early learning and child care

Name: Stephen HarperYear: February 6, 2006 - February 6, 2007

Universal child care Comments - Stephen has some trouble understanding basic concepts. His major term project, the Universal Child Care Plan, is not child care. It’s also not universal and not a plan.

Parent choice Comments - Stephen sent the cheques as promised but ignored parents who told him they need quality child care. He needs to improve his “active listening” skills.
Balancing work and family -Comments - If Stephen did his homework, he would know research shows parents need quality child care to balance work and family. Stephen needs to complete his assigned readings.
Access -Comments - Stephen uses scissors and words carelessly. He cut funds to child care and hasn’t delivered promised new spaces. Centres are closing, parent fees are up, and there’s no expansion. His “spaces initiative” won’t fix that. He needs to understand that actions and words have consequences.

Honouring agreements -Comments - Stephen doesn’t play well with others. He said he would honour agreements then went back on his word. He needs a time out to learn about fair play.

With marks like these, I'd recommend remedial studying for Stephen, as well as having him repeat whatever grade he is in. Thats just my opinion!


HearHere said...

Since the country at the moment is "benefitting" from the Liberal day care plan - the provinces singed agreements which do not expire until March 31st one would think that this report card fairly critiques that the Liberal day care plan to create new spaces DOES NOT WORK.
The Conservative plan to create new spaces does not kick in until April 1, 2007 but applications are already being accepted.
So there you have it - if you got the Liberal day care plan you are lobbying for IT DOES NOT WORK!
Fair would be to evaluate the Conservatives plan in a year and then compare don't you agree?

Jamie Callingham said...

its the conservative policy that has not created any places. And it is the Conservative Government that was given this report card by that group. The Liberal plan actually created spaces. The Conservatives was a lazy cash handout. Poor families can't afford Harpers new system!

Jamie Callingham said...

thanks for responding btw

HearHere said...

You're welcome. I just wanted to set the record straight. The Conservative's child care program, even though it is actually Provincial jurisdiction so many question why the Feds are involved at all, has two parts. The first - a $100 payment for all children under 6 started in July of 2006. The 2nd part, the creation of new child care spaces by giving $10,000 PER NEW SPACE CREATED does not start until April 1, THIS YEAR.
They could not start it because the provinces had signed a one year deal with the Liberal program which just gave money to the provinces with no strings attached.
Therefore, if NO NEW SPACES were created in the past year, as this report card indicates, it is based on the Liberal child care space creation program since that is the only one in place at the moment.
This agreement does not expire until March 31st at which time the Conservative program will kick in.
FYI - the Liberal plan called for $5 billion over 5 years - $1 billion per year.
The Conservatives have budgeted $10 billion over 4 years for child care - half for the parental allowance, 1/2 for the creation of new child care spaces.
This is 1.25 Billion per year for the creation of new spaces (and yes, there will be strings attached to make sure that is where the money goes this time) so it is $250 million MORE per year that the Liberal plan.
So, I guess, be caferful what you lobby for because if the Liberal day care lobby wins the day care industry amd kids lose.
Just a little adivse not to always believe the propaganda. The child care lobby group is very very well funded - and with YOUR tax dollars by the way. Regular moms & dads do not have the same propaganda machine resources.