Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Welcome Garth Turner!

If its true, and Garth does defect over to the Liberals, lets us welcome Garth with open arms. His populist, and pragmatic views really seemed more Liberal than Conservative anyways. It does show that Garth is willing to be part of a big tent party, that has a few divergent points of views.

Garth will find that debate is alive and well in the Liberal caucus. We all know that most MP's in the government are muzzled like Pit Bulls in Ontario are. I for one welcome his pragmatic policies, and another red spot on the map in Southern Ontario.


Christian Conservative said...

Humm, interesting... you "welcome him with open arms"?

Wasn't it you who said, "This whole business of crossing the floor is ugly, it has a real bad smell to it."?


Jamie Callingham said...

yes, I did. But I think this is much different, you guys kicked him out first. Its like we are taking in someone you shunned. Thats my rationale, thanks for reading though!