Friday, February 02, 2007

Wiarton Willie even Predicts Global warming!

Well, not really, but winter is ending soon.

From Willies official, and extremely busy website

There was no shadow on the ground
Which means that spring will come around.
Flowers will bloom and life will begin
The waters will warm then we can jump in.
Children will laugh as they learn to ride
Boaters will rise and fall with the tide
The golfers appear out on the greens
People line up to taste new ice creams.
A warm breeze will brush on your cheek
The waters will rise on some of the creeks
Farmers will plant their first set of crops
Windows and doors will open on shops
The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is worth driving to
If your looking for springtime activities to do.
Ride a horse, catch a fish, hike the trails, if you can.
So many things to do you might need a plan.
If you don’t have time to enjoy everything.
Feel free to visit again in the spring.
There’s plenty to do throughout the whole year.
Especially now that spring time is near!
-C. Wyonch

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