Sunday, April 08, 2007

Leaf bashing by Habs fans?

I understand why Ottawa Senators fan's bash the Leafs, it makes perfect sense. All those years of playoff heartbreak, against a smug foe who always has the answer to Daniel Alfredsson (Sp) and his complacent play in the post season. I also understand why Buffalo Sabres fans hate the Leafs, being very much their poor cousin in the Golden Horseshoe.

But, I really do not understand Montreal fans.They lost the game on Saturday night (in which was a crappy badly played game) , and suddenly they want death to Toronto! Starting New York Islander's fan clubs on facebook!! Did they forget the last 40 years? What is wrong with you people? You have won 10 cups since 67' and we have won 0. Get over yourselves please! Don't play the original six rivalry, it ended 40 years ago.

In my lifetime, Toronto has never had a playoff series against Montreal, and for the most part of my life Toronto was in the Western Conference. Since we rejoined the East, we destroyed Ottawa 4 times, and lost to Buffalo in the conference final in 1999. All which pushed mutual hatred between those respective franchises to healthy levels.

So, it makes perfect sense to me for, Ottawa fans to hate the Leafs with a passion, along with the Sabre fans who are subjected to playing their home games in Buffalo out cheered by the Legions of Leaf Nation invading HSBC Arena.

But I really don't understand in my day and age, why habs fans have to really get their hate on. They must really miss the Quebec Nordiques, or they have given up hating Ottawa because they haven't had the opportunity to beat them in the playoffs. Cheering for the New York Islanders, its so juvenile. Next time, please start counting all those Stanley Cup's before you start WHINING about the Leafs.

Also remember, you are #3 to us, we tend to take it a lot more seriously when we beat Ottawa and Buffalo (which in the new NHL is not very often) . See you on the golf course.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Where have I been?

There is some very good reasons, why I haven't been blogging. First of all, its Rugby season, and I coach 2 high school Rugby teams where I work. As some of you probably know, I do not get paid for my coaching, and I do it for the students and the love of the game. I love coaching and teaching rugby, it's one of those bugs that never goes away. My day now goes to 6pm, when previously I would be done work by 3:30. So needless to say, I am having full days!

Secondly, I am working on 2 distance education courses through the wonderful Athabasca University, they are driving me batty, as I am trying to finish them very soon. Writing essays after work is such a drain mentally and physically. This really makes me wish I was an undergraduate again, as having unlimited, and crazy hours did allow me to get some work done!

I will make up for this come June, that I guarantee, but until them please bear with me and I will sporadically update this wonderful blog! By then, we might just be in full election swing, and I will have lots of opinions!