Monday, April 02, 2007

Where have I been?

There is some very good reasons, why I haven't been blogging. First of all, its Rugby season, and I coach 2 high school Rugby teams where I work. As some of you probably know, I do not get paid for my coaching, and I do it for the students and the love of the game. I love coaching and teaching rugby, it's one of those bugs that never goes away. My day now goes to 6pm, when previously I would be done work by 3:30. So needless to say, I am having full days!

Secondly, I am working on 2 distance education courses through the wonderful Athabasca University, they are driving me batty, as I am trying to finish them very soon. Writing essays after work is such a drain mentally and physically. This really makes me wish I was an undergraduate again, as having unlimited, and crazy hours did allow me to get some work done!

I will make up for this come June, that I guarantee, but until them please bear with me and I will sporadically update this wonderful blog! By then, we might just be in full election swing, and I will have lots of opinions!



Unknown said...

Hi Jamie,

I got to your blog by a bloglines RSS feed on google search for Athabasca U. I am in the MDE program. I know what you mean about the courses taking time!

Good luck finishing.

Peter in Ottawa

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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