Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in Black (er Red)

It's been much too long for a blogging hiatus, but it is now safe to say I am back and ready to spew my Partisan bile! Since I stopped blogging, I've gone easy on Harper and Tory, by not publishing anything about them, and their crazy right wing agendas.

On the provincial side of things, this election is going to be close. It is going to be too close, we need to remind the public, that all the skeletons of the Eves/Harris regime are running in ridings across Ontario. Yes, they came out of the closet, and are hiding behind this Bill Davis prodigy (John Tory).

What is really pissing me off?

Well there is this one thing that is really pissing me off, pardon my language, but its John Tory and his crazy idea to take 500 million dollars out of public education, and put it into faith based schools? What is this? South Carolina? Mississippi? Its like, lets forget all the good, the Liberals have done, and start to gut the education system. This is the most anti-Canadian, anti-multicultural education policy ever.

Faith based schools are good at alienating religious communities from the places where they live and segregating the youth of different religion. To me this preaches intolerance, and is one of those simplistic Tory ideas that they think will get them votes in ethnic areas. Simplistic Tory ideas usually result in bad spending, longer wait times, and budget deficits. Yes, who can remember the government who brought in the balanced budget law running a deficit of a couple of billion.

Thats all for now,

Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back
-Bryan Johnson, Lead Singer, AC/DC

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