Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ahmadinejad, WTF?

No gays in my country! What else? Israel is an illegal terrorist state? I'm totally paraphrasing this idiot. It makes me wonder, how easy is it to get a degree in traffic management in Iran?

Are Iranian's ashamed of this guy?
My favorite comment at a press conference "Ahmadinejad later reiterated that he knows of no homosexuals in Iran - but wouldn't mind knowing where they are. "Give me an address so we are also aware of what happens in Iran," he said during a news conference after his speech." thanks to New York Daily News for that.

Is Iran the only country with an electorate that makes America look smart? They elected an uneducated fool who's beliefs on the holocaust mirror neo-nazi's. Can somebody please take this clown to Auschwitz?

The real question should be, do you really have any power, or does the Ayatollah just trot you out to make idiotic statements?

If Iran is such a wonderful place, why do all the young people want to leave?

What does Iran have that Israel doesn't have?
a: A shadow government that controls the politicians and tortures their own citizens.....
Lets not get started on homosexuals and women's rights?

He comes across like he lived in the middle ages, and that's where he should be....

I love how he plays up the Palestinian cause, considering the great love Persians and Arabs have for each other. That was sarcasm. Total opportunism there, just like that speech, he makes Hugo Chavez and George Bush sound polished and eloquent.

Anyone who said he was daring, or tough in his speech to Columbia and the UN. This guy is a one trick pony, the Ayatollahs trot him out to spew the same rhetoric. The Clerics have reduced the Presidency of Iran to chief agitator/mouthpiece.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

is it just me....

Or is the arrival of the Iranian president just a giant smoke-screen in American politics. Important issues like the imploding American economy, the war in Iraq, the huge deficit that free -spender Bush is running up. These are all being pushed aside because some loudmouth Iranian who is all bluster is visiting the United Nations.

Seriously, put that along with the Real Estate meltdown, and sub-prime loans. Ahmadinejad is probably the least worry for the average American citizen. Though I am sure Fox news thinks otherwise.

Second note of the evening, I was looking on the Internet, and once again, I somehow figured out that Newfoundland was having an election. Then I read somewhere that Saskatchewan is going to be having an election. Why does everyone have to go and copy Ontario? With all these elections totally not getting any attention in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto). The Toronto Raptors get more media attention than these elections.
3rd Thing
I missed the debate, I'm going to have to take other people's words on it. Speaking of debates, there should be a debate about the Referendum. I am against MMP, but I think a debate like the Leaders debate would give more media coverage that is desperately needed. Yes, can someone high up in the media and the political world arrange a referendum debate? Liberals for MMP, what do you have to say about this? Liberals against MMP, what do you have to say about this?

I noticed our great blog leader Jason Cherniak is taking endorsements from all the bigwigs in the Liberal Party. Now I know why my one sentence wasn't included, from a previous post. Though I did endorse him before most of them, so that makes me like a better endorsement person. I am supporting Jason because he brings with him the ability to organize a huge region electronically. The Central region president can't be everywhere all the time. Jason brings the internet connectivity skills necessary to keep in touch with people from Mississauga, to Haliburton. Jason is the right person for the job in this regard.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On a lighter note...

The hopes and dreams of the French nation now rest firmly on this man's shoulders.... 80 million Frenchmen pay attention when this man arrives on the field....

No, he is not Happy Gilmore's caddy.
No, he doesn't live in a cardboard box.
No, he is not a caveman.
Yes, he actually is French.

Sebastian Chabal, brought into the French rugby team's line-up for their crucial match against Ireland in the Rugby World Cup, has become a folk hero across the country. He has yet to start a game in the world cup, but after blistering performaces against France and Namibia as a reserve, Bernard Laporte had to start him.

He is seen as an icon for French masculinity in the face of those Paris metrosexuals. Chabal, with his unique appearance gets the loudest ovation's when he enters a game. Plus he looks really intimidating. His nickname is Sea bass, which he was given at his English professional club team. Apparantly the French translation for Sea bass means something along the lines of Wolf of the Sea. Now thats a cool nickname...

Try calling this guy a surrender monkey? I dare you.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chicken Little called......

I would like to thank Liberal haters for making some idiotic Liberals think that the sky is falling and we are about to implode. Secondly, to those bloggers who think we are done, can you please find another interest or hobby besides politics? We are not done at all, this is a by-election, this is not the end of Stephane Dion. If your mind is too set on politics, the real world disappears and you only exist in a weird blogger world of hearsay and cyber rumours.

First things first, this a by-election, secondly, now the NDP can really screw things up by propping up the evil Harper regime. Thirdly, most of the people involve at leadership, well they don't even work in politics anymore. Most of them are back at school, or in full time employment too busy to worry about plotting against Dion.

Looks to me that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of LPC(Q). They had an incompetent team in Outremont, and totally blew it. Campaigning is a rough and tumble job, requiring 24 hour attention to details. From the sounds of it, the Quebec productivity gap showed itself with the Liberals. Justin Tetreault gave an excellent analysis of the problems with the campaign. From his description, you can assume that the Liberals did just about as much as they could to not win. All I am saying is someone should take responsibility for a badly run campaign. People should get fired for this, as this area was totally winnable. But, I will say this, the NDP offering to change Federalism to win votes really shows that they will do anything to hold the balance of power, even prop up a neo-con regime. Are they really helping the Progressive cause keeping Harper in government?

Other things....
Does anyone outside of Newfoundland and Labrador know there is an election going on there?
Seriously,holding the vote one day before Ontario's guarantees minimal national press coverage, and minimal interest outside of The Rock.
Dalton's tv ads are great, totally positive, and focusing on the work they have done, and what they plan to do. Whatever happened to John Tory, and his promise to be a positive politician. Looks like same old Tory, same old story!
The Toronto Maple Leafs pre-season starts tonight! GO LEAFS GO!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Federal 3 Ring Circus interrupting my John Tory bashfest

Holy crap,

I work at a high school (for disclosure, lets also says its a Public high school), and the crap I hear coming from the blogs reminds me of the grade 10's. Fake email addresses, with fake messages, from people dealing with journalists on the east coast? It's facebook gossipping by the children, before I blocked the site on the classroom computers. Outremont this, Outremont that! Please, this is interrupting the more important Ontario Provincial campaign. What if the byelection, was Toronto Centre, and Bob Rae was campaigning. Wonder what those headlines will say? The national media would be all over Toronto Centre, but the only urban riding up for grabs is Outremont so its the target for hackery.

I would like to thank Jason Cherniak for removing Fuddle Duddle from Liblogs. He disliked Toronto, which is a sign of evilness in my books. Every Liberal person should love Toronto and the votes it always delivers. From this tangent I would also like to state that I endorse Jason Cherniak for Central Region President. More to come later.....

Back to the important matter of the provincial election.

Well, anyways, I would like to thank Warren Kinsella for pointing out Frank "new medical fees" Klees is finally unveiling the real Tory health strategy. The Newmarket-Aurora Conservative is the true believer in the 2-tier system. All this talk about education, has really taken the spotlight away from health care. If there is one thing that I detest besides money for private religious schools, its paying to go to the hospital. Once again, thank you Conservatives for showing people you really don't want to win, and you want to screw us all over!

Everyone should visit this most awesome website, it's about youth and the issues they face. I really hope first time voters take a look. Do first time voters even read blogs? I'm going out on a limb and assume they don't.

Canada choked huge against Fiji in the Rugby World Cup on Sunday. That means we have one winnable game against Japan, and a chance to show Australia our mettle. My new favorite team is now Argentina. After the English got demolished on Friday and Canada not being able to come back in the second half against Fiji. I am thinking Los Pumas have a great chance to get to the Semi-finals at least. Argentina are one of the toughest squads in the world, throw out every Latin American soccer stereotype. These boys can play Rugby.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Scarborough Southwest and Metro Morning

I was looking at the TDSB website today and noticed that the Provincial Conservative candidate in this riding is also the school trustee for Ward 18 (Gary Crawford), which is the same area. Mr. Crawford has not resigned (That I know of) and is still active on the TDSB website as the school trustee in this area.

I'm wondering why a trustee on the biggest school board in Canada would be in favour of taking money out of Public Education? To me this is very disturibing! He is supposed to be entrusted with serving public education, not running for a party defunding it!

I woke up this morning to hearing John Tory spin around like a tire in sand on Metro Morning! Andy Barrie went right at him on the education question, as he did with Dalton earlier in the week. John Tory decided to spin this differently! He now wants to bring 50,000 more people into the public education system. Thats his new rhetoric for defunding the system for the faith based religious schools. This sounded so silly I laughed and turned the radio off. If you want to bring 50,000 more students into public education, fund it even better than before. But the religious right does have a right to indoctrinate their children. Let them do it in their private schools.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John Tory blames school stabbing on Liberals!

From this morning's Globe and Mail.

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory described the homicide as symptomatic of a larger problem - the Liberal government's alleged failure to crack down on violent crime.
"We simply let this kind of thing go on," Mr. Tory said. "We simply have to deal with this kind of crime and the causes of this kind of crime."

So, all violent crime between 1995 and 2003, who's fault was that? So much for the different politician!

Cracking down on violent crime, especially in Scarborough requires more than tough sentences, it requires community outreach, as well as integration of the various ethnic communities. According to the Globe, this was a Tamil gang reprisal. Scarborough has many different ethnic groups that have different problems involving poverty, crime, and education. John Tory seems to think cracking down on violent crime is the only solution. Nothing about improving the community, or the situation in which they live in. Once again, John Tory doesn't understand the issue, and tries to turn it into Liberal bashing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rugby and Politics,....

First off,
damn what a weekend to start the world cup! The Minnows have spoken, and they came out swinging. Canada had the lead against Wales at half time, but they broke my heart in the second half! We almost had them, now we have to beat Fiji big time, and hope the Welsh choke. The Welsh have a history of choking, both in 1991 and 1999 losing to Western Samoa. Canada's national mens rugby team is so under-appreciated. While English players get paid Hundreds of thousands of dollars to play for their country, the Canadians get a golf shirt. I'm serious, they get free travel, and clothes, that's about it! Rugby is such a huge school sport in Ontario, the future looks good. All we need to do is get rid of 3 down football and play rugby! Thats my dream!

Props to Argentina for winning beating France in Paris. Wow, Vamoose Los Pumas (Argentina's team is nicknamed Los Pumas)! The Pumas put on an impressive display against the home favorites, shattering the psyche of the French nation, that is until France plays again and dismantles the Irish. They looked desperately bad against Namibia. Yes, Rugby is a world game, Georgia and Namibia are both in the world cup. Can't say that about hockey, or American football!

Looks like about 3 people in my non political group of friends know there is a referendum! It's about bloody time, and the papers have finally started to pick up the story. Once again John Tory is making a fool of himself with this idiot plan to allow private schools to get public money. Keep it up John, NO ONE LIKES IT!

Was it just me, or did i see Conservative signs on highway 11 north of Barrie on the weekend. How illegal is it to put signs up before the start of the election? Typical Conservative cheating, just look at Cherniak's expose on Harper and creative accounting and add spending.

So, APEC has no credibility at all when it comes to the environment, what else would we expect out of John Howard. Howard is no statesman, I remember how he bad he looked in 2003 when he handed out the Web Ellis Cup (Rugby World cup winners trophy) to the English captain, without even shaking his hand or congratulating him! All because they beat Australia in double overtime in Sydney! Howard has no class, and no idea about climate change. He is Bush's Kangaroo!

There I did it! I put rugby and politics together....

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Greatest show on Earth, starts today....

It's not the provincial election. Its the Rugby World Cup!

France Versus Argentina kick off the pool games in what expects to be an awesome opener between 2 of the best scrummagers in the world. This world cup could be a coming out party for both Canada and Argentina who hope to make it to the quarter finals, are confident and ready to show the world that the western hemisphere is ready to play.

World Champion's England look like also-ran's and the English people believe that their World Cup chances rest on their performance against the mighty Springboks of South Africa in a pool match to decide their fate in the tournament.

The perennial favorite's, the New Zealand All Blacks come into the the tournament with huge expectations, they haven't won the trophy in 20 years and have the hopes and dreams of New Zealand resting on their shoulders. They might choke, they did in 2003, and 1999, maybe just maybe they will win this year.

That leads to the hosts, France. They won the European 6-nations championship this year, and beat England in warm up matches. The French will play to huge partisan crowds in Marseilles, and Paris, and in other sports, the French often rise to the occasion at home. My prediction is for a New Zealand-France final.

The games are available on Setanta sports, I just found out Rogers is continuing their preview till next Friday, so enjoy the live matches.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank you John Tory!

Thanks for putting your foot directly into your mouth! Creationism being taught in publicly funded schools? Whats next? Corporal punishment? Mandatory teacher testing on a semester basis? De-streaming high school? Armed guards in the classroom? Anyone got any better ideas for the Tory education platform?

I think I found John Tory's education plan, it was labeled Pandora's box! Good thing he opened it, today!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why I am against MMP....

Well, its been official for about a week, I joined the no-MMP facebook cause. I am in favour of the status quo. I have my reasons, mainly because of my own personal and political interest.

But here is why I prefer the status quo, MMP doesn't go far enough, its a compromise system, and I think if we are going to change the system we shouldn't compromise we should do something radical and democratic. The preferential choice system that Jason Cherniak supports has it's merits, as the Liberals would be able to capitalize on our second choiceness. Proportional representation also has its merits.

But MMP just doesn't satisfy my suburban view, I was just thinking how my strange suburban riding would probably grow to be 3 times it's size, and increasing the size of ridings wouldn't work, if the list politicians only had offices at Queen's park.

I really tried to wrap my head around this MMP idea, and no one really gave me a good reason as to why it is better. I also felt that it came across as a compromise, that is so typically Ontarian. So, I am against it as a suburban Liberal, it doesn't mesh with my point of view.

Secondly, tomorrow is my last day of lazy freedom, back to helping children on Tuesday! And lastly, I would love to see more open debate in the mainstream media about this referendum. I did a straw poll of a group of my non-political friends, and none of them knew about the upcoming referendum! The best way for this vote to work properly is if everyone knows what it is about.