Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ahmadinejad, WTF?

No gays in my country! What else? Israel is an illegal terrorist state? I'm totally paraphrasing this idiot. It makes me wonder, how easy is it to get a degree in traffic management in Iran?

Are Iranian's ashamed of this guy?
My favorite comment at a press conference "Ahmadinejad later reiterated that he knows of no homosexuals in Iran - but wouldn't mind knowing where they are. "Give me an address so we are also aware of what happens in Iran," he said during a news conference after his speech." thanks to New York Daily News for that.

Is Iran the only country with an electorate that makes America look smart? They elected an uneducated fool who's beliefs on the holocaust mirror neo-nazi's. Can somebody please take this clown to Auschwitz?

The real question should be, do you really have any power, or does the Ayatollah just trot you out to make idiotic statements?

If Iran is such a wonderful place, why do all the young people want to leave?

What does Iran have that Israel doesn't have?
a: A shadow government that controls the politicians and tortures their own citizens.....
Lets not get started on homosexuals and women's rights?

He comes across like he lived in the middle ages, and that's where he should be....

I love how he plays up the Palestinian cause, considering the great love Persians and Arabs have for each other. That was sarcasm. Total opportunism there, just like that speech, he makes Hugo Chavez and George Bush sound polished and eloquent.

Anyone who said he was daring, or tough in his speech to Columbia and the UN. This guy is a one trick pony, the Ayatollahs trot him out to spew the same rhetoric. The Clerics have reduced the Presidency of Iran to chief agitator/mouthpiece.

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Unknown said...

Take a deep breath and wait a bit. The fact is it was Iran 1, USA 0. The Iranian mopped the floor with a bunch of clowns in the USA from the Pres. on down, and left without a mark on him. The US pres. left the UN a political and oratorical failure

.Where Americans shouted and raged, egged on by the completely hysterical Israeli lobby and anyone dumb enough to be stired up by them, he was calm and very smooth. The way he took down Charlie Rose was a sight to see,even Charlie was bemused. And one suspects the current Pres. of Columbia will soon face demands he resign for bringing the University into disrepute. How many Dershowitz's can they tolerate in the groves of academe, or would Columbia wish to seem chicken hearted phonies like Harvard.

But what was truly incredible was the laying down the gauntlet to the US juggernaut. The nuclear question was finished as a political issue he said, now it was just normal UN, yes UN, regulation. Every move the US has made in Iraq has resulted in a bigger, bolder, and more successful Shia Iran. Now we get to see if this stunning challenge succeeds or fails. If it succeeds there will be no expansion of the Iraq war and pretty soon Washington will be telling the Israelis to knock it off.

And while the US minions of hell rush around talking about the horrifying things they can do with their weapons, all unhappily true, the Iranian wound up his astonishing performances (Request to go to ground zero, at Columbia, at the UN, on Charlie Rose) not with a threat but a bouquet of bright and colourful expectations of peace.

Only the killers and the 5th column of the Israeli lobby could get riled by that.

So it does not really matter that he is not on top of the Iran totem pole, though I do not know how you could reach that conclusion. I mean he was at the UN, he did make very severe statements on behalf of his government, he is the elected pres...... Right? What counts is that at least 3/5 of the world will take a lot of pleasure and comfort from his words. As of today, he is, the man for them.