Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chicken Little called......

I would like to thank Liberal haters for making some idiotic Liberals think that the sky is falling and we are about to implode. Secondly, to those bloggers who think we are done, can you please find another interest or hobby besides politics? We are not done at all, this is a by-election, this is not the end of Stephane Dion. If your mind is too set on politics, the real world disappears and you only exist in a weird blogger world of hearsay and cyber rumours.

First things first, this a by-election, secondly, now the NDP can really screw things up by propping up the evil Harper regime. Thirdly, most of the people involve at leadership, well they don't even work in politics anymore. Most of them are back at school, or in full time employment too busy to worry about plotting against Dion.

Looks to me that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of LPC(Q). They had an incompetent team in Outremont, and totally blew it. Campaigning is a rough and tumble job, requiring 24 hour attention to details. From the sounds of it, the Quebec productivity gap showed itself with the Liberals. Justin Tetreault gave an excellent analysis of the problems with the campaign. From his description, you can assume that the Liberals did just about as much as they could to not win. All I am saying is someone should take responsibility for a badly run campaign. People should get fired for this, as this area was totally winnable. But, I will say this, the NDP offering to change Federalism to win votes really shows that they will do anything to hold the balance of power, even prop up a neo-con regime. Are they really helping the Progressive cause keeping Harper in government?

Other things....
Does anyone outside of Newfoundland and Labrador know there is an election going on there?
Seriously,holding the vote one day before Ontario's guarantees minimal national press coverage, and minimal interest outside of The Rock.
Dalton's tv ads are great, totally positive, and focusing on the work they have done, and what they plan to do. Whatever happened to John Tory, and his promise to be a positive politician. Looks like same old Tory, same old story!
The Toronto Maple Leafs pre-season starts tonight! GO LEAFS GO!

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Sean S. said...

"secondly, now the NDP can really screw things up by propping up the evil Harper regime"

last time I checked it was the Liberals and BQ propping up Harper for the past year and a half. So try laying off of the kool-aid just a bit.......

Jamie Callingham said...

who voted for the budget? oh yeah the NDP!