Monday, September 17, 2007

Federal 3 Ring Circus interrupting my John Tory bashfest

Holy crap,

I work at a high school (for disclosure, lets also says its a Public high school), and the crap I hear coming from the blogs reminds me of the grade 10's. Fake email addresses, with fake messages, from people dealing with journalists on the east coast? It's facebook gossipping by the children, before I blocked the site on the classroom computers. Outremont this, Outremont that! Please, this is interrupting the more important Ontario Provincial campaign. What if the byelection, was Toronto Centre, and Bob Rae was campaigning. Wonder what those headlines will say? The national media would be all over Toronto Centre, but the only urban riding up for grabs is Outremont so its the target for hackery.

I would like to thank Jason Cherniak for removing Fuddle Duddle from Liblogs. He disliked Toronto, which is a sign of evilness in my books. Every Liberal person should love Toronto and the votes it always delivers. From this tangent I would also like to state that I endorse Jason Cherniak for Central Region President. More to come later.....

Back to the important matter of the provincial election.

Well, anyways, I would like to thank Warren Kinsella for pointing out Frank "new medical fees" Klees is finally unveiling the real Tory health strategy. The Newmarket-Aurora Conservative is the true believer in the 2-tier system. All this talk about education, has really taken the spotlight away from health care. If there is one thing that I detest besides money for private religious schools, its paying to go to the hospital. Once again, thank you Conservatives for showing people you really don't want to win, and you want to screw us all over!

Everyone should visit this most awesome website, it's about youth and the issues they face. I really hope first time voters take a look. Do first time voters even read blogs? I'm going out on a limb and assume they don't.

Canada choked huge against Fiji in the Rugby World Cup on Sunday. That means we have one winnable game against Japan, and a chance to show Australia our mettle. My new favorite team is now Argentina. After the English got demolished on Friday and Canada not being able to come back in the second half against Fiji. I am thinking Los Pumas have a great chance to get to the Semi-finals at least. Argentina are one of the toughest squads in the world, throw out every Latin American soccer stereotype. These boys can play Rugby.

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