Sunday, September 23, 2007

is it just me....

Or is the arrival of the Iranian president just a giant smoke-screen in American politics. Important issues like the imploding American economy, the war in Iraq, the huge deficit that free -spender Bush is running up. These are all being pushed aside because some loudmouth Iranian who is all bluster is visiting the United Nations.

Seriously, put that along with the Real Estate meltdown, and sub-prime loans. Ahmadinejad is probably the least worry for the average American citizen. Though I am sure Fox news thinks otherwise.

Second note of the evening, I was looking on the Internet, and once again, I somehow figured out that Newfoundland was having an election. Then I read somewhere that Saskatchewan is going to be having an election. Why does everyone have to go and copy Ontario? With all these elections totally not getting any attention in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto). The Toronto Raptors get more media attention than these elections.
3rd Thing
I missed the debate, I'm going to have to take other people's words on it. Speaking of debates, there should be a debate about the Referendum. I am against MMP, but I think a debate like the Leaders debate would give more media coverage that is desperately needed. Yes, can someone high up in the media and the political world arrange a referendum debate? Liberals for MMP, what do you have to say about this? Liberals against MMP, what do you have to say about this?

I noticed our great blog leader Jason Cherniak is taking endorsements from all the bigwigs in the Liberal Party. Now I know why my one sentence wasn't included, from a previous post. Though I did endorse him before most of them, so that makes me like a better endorsement person. I am supporting Jason because he brings with him the ability to organize a huge region electronically. The Central region president can't be everywhere all the time. Jason brings the internet connectivity skills necessary to keep in touch with people from Mississauga, to Haliburton. Jason is the right person for the job in this regard.

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Oldschool said...

While Bush hasn't done the best job of managing the dollars in Washington . . . . the Dimmicrat Congress has been out of control since they got elected. Spend, spend, spend . . . nutty Nancy and the rest of the clowns keep adding billions in "earmarks" to every bill that goes through Congress. Did you know that the approval rate of congress is much lower than Bush's? Something like 26%.
The sub-prime mortage thing is a problem, but 5% unemployment is not bad. Did you know that banks and England and Germany had folded because of the "sub-prime" mortgages in those countries?