Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John Tory blames school stabbing on Liberals!

From this morning's Globe and Mail.

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory described the homicide as symptomatic of a larger problem - the Liberal government's alleged failure to crack down on violent crime.
"We simply let this kind of thing go on," Mr. Tory said. "We simply have to deal with this kind of crime and the causes of this kind of crime."

So, all violent crime between 1995 and 2003, who's fault was that? So much for the different politician!

Cracking down on violent crime, especially in Scarborough requires more than tough sentences, it requires community outreach, as well as integration of the various ethnic communities. According to the Globe, this was a Tamil gang reprisal. Scarborough has many different ethnic groups that have different problems involving poverty, crime, and education. John Tory seems to think cracking down on violent crime is the only solution. Nothing about improving the community, or the situation in which they live in. Once again, John Tory doesn't understand the issue, and tries to turn it into Liberal bashing.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I understand this is a partisan attack, but he clearly says, "We simply have to deal with this kind of crime and the causes of this kind of crime."

Pages 13 and 14 in "A Plan for Ontario's Future" detail the plan for making communities safer (investments in community groups, outreach programs) as well as a plan for fighting poverty.

Jamie Callingham said...

Kind of like how John decided he wouldn't be a mudslinging politician. He is exploiting this tragedy for political means. I am showing that. Plus, when was the last time a Tory government helped Ontario's poor?

missMuni said...

They don't need to help the poor because it is much easier to criticize those who actually do something.

I completely agree with the necessity of addressing this issue by looking at the foundational levels of conflict: especially in low-income communities with ethnic factions.

It seems John is using this as leverage to put the liberals in disrepute- and unfortunately, many people will be swayed by such fear and moral panic tactics.

What to do!?