Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On a lighter note...

The hopes and dreams of the French nation now rest firmly on this man's shoulders.... 80 million Frenchmen pay attention when this man arrives on the field....

No, he is not Happy Gilmore's caddy.
No, he doesn't live in a cardboard box.
No, he is not a caveman.
Yes, he actually is French.

Sebastian Chabal, brought into the French rugby team's line-up for their crucial match against Ireland in the Rugby World Cup, has become a folk hero across the country. He has yet to start a game in the world cup, but after blistering performaces against France and Namibia as a reserve, Bernard Laporte had to start him.

He is seen as an icon for French masculinity in the face of those Paris metrosexuals. Chabal, with his unique appearance gets the loudest ovation's when he enters a game. Plus he looks really intimidating. His nickname is Sea bass, which he was given at his English professional club team. Apparantly the French translation for Sea bass means something along the lines of Wolf of the Sea. Now thats a cool nickname...

Try calling this guy a surrender monkey? I dare you.....

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Ted Betts said...

Hmmm. He looks familiar.

Now where oh where I have I seen that face before?


It's coming to me.

Ahhh. That's right. I just knew I'd seen that face before.