Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rugby and Politics,....

First off,
damn what a weekend to start the world cup! The Minnows have spoken, and they came out swinging. Canada had the lead against Wales at half time, but they broke my heart in the second half! We almost had them, now we have to beat Fiji big time, and hope the Welsh choke. The Welsh have a history of choking, both in 1991 and 1999 losing to Western Samoa. Canada's national mens rugby team is so under-appreciated. While English players get paid Hundreds of thousands of dollars to play for their country, the Canadians get a golf shirt. I'm serious, they get free travel, and clothes, that's about it! Rugby is such a huge school sport in Ontario, the future looks good. All we need to do is get rid of 3 down football and play rugby! Thats my dream!

Props to Argentina for winning beating France in Paris. Wow, Vamoose Los Pumas (Argentina's team is nicknamed Los Pumas)! The Pumas put on an impressive display against the home favorites, shattering the psyche of the French nation, that is until France plays again and dismantles the Irish. They looked desperately bad against Namibia. Yes, Rugby is a world game, Georgia and Namibia are both in the world cup. Can't say that about hockey, or American football!

Looks like about 3 people in my non political group of friends know there is a referendum! It's about bloody time, and the papers have finally started to pick up the story. Once again John Tory is making a fool of himself with this idiot plan to allow private schools to get public money. Keep it up John, NO ONE LIKES IT!

Was it just me, or did i see Conservative signs on highway 11 north of Barrie on the weekend. How illegal is it to put signs up before the start of the election? Typical Conservative cheating, just look at Cherniak's expose on Harper and creative accounting and add spending.

So, APEC has no credibility at all when it comes to the environment, what else would we expect out of John Howard. Howard is no statesman, I remember how he bad he looked in 2003 when he handed out the Web Ellis Cup (Rugby World cup winners trophy) to the English captain, without even shaking his hand or congratulating him! All because they beat Australia in double overtime in Sydney! Howard has no class, and no idea about climate change. He is Bush's Kangaroo!

There I did it! I put rugby and politics together....

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