Friday, September 14, 2007

Scarborough Southwest and Metro Morning

I was looking at the TDSB website today and noticed that the Provincial Conservative candidate in this riding is also the school trustee for Ward 18 (Gary Crawford), which is the same area. Mr. Crawford has not resigned (That I know of) and is still active on the TDSB website as the school trustee in this area.

I'm wondering why a trustee on the biggest school board in Canada would be in favour of taking money out of Public Education? To me this is very disturibing! He is supposed to be entrusted with serving public education, not running for a party defunding it!

I woke up this morning to hearing John Tory spin around like a tire in sand on Metro Morning! Andy Barrie went right at him on the education question, as he did with Dalton earlier in the week. John Tory decided to spin this differently! He now wants to bring 50,000 more people into the public education system. Thats his new rhetoric for defunding the system for the faith based religious schools. This sounded so silly I laughed and turned the radio off. If you want to bring 50,000 more students into public education, fund it even better than before. But the religious right does have a right to indoctrinate their children. Let them do it in their private schools.


susansmith said...

You are right about the trustee, but obviously, he believes that Tory doing the right thing - bringing the sheep back into the fold.
Hopefully he loses next time out!
That said, Dalton doesn't mind whole-heartedly supporting faith-based schools, as long as they are Catholic.
And pleaseeeeeeeeee, don't talk to me about roots, historical precedence, constitution stuff, we know that Manitoba, Quebec and NFL got a constitutional amendment.

I don't know why we keep propping up this sacred cow. We shouldn't be publicly funding religious endoctrination of any sort.
The others will keep coming back for more until we finally put this baby, so to speak, to bed and go to a single school system with French and English boards only.
Think what we could do in public education, if we quite putting money into 4 duplicate organizational structures and instead, invested that money into student programs. That makes sense.

Jamie Callingham said...
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Jamie Callingham said...

I'm in favour of de-funding the catholic system, its unfair, and state funded school shouldn't be in the religion business.

scarboro said...

All hell would break loose in Ontario, if an attempt were made to merge the separate and public school systems.
Parents have the right in law to engage in the form of child abuse that is involved in inculcating religious belief into their minor children.
Catholic parents are not about to give up that right without a fight.