Monday, October 29, 2007

Could the Government fall tomorrow?

This mini budget is the most ill advised piece of economic garbage yet! So, its possible the government might fall. I love the 20 economists saying how bad the GST cut is! The Liberals need a plan that cuts business taxes and deals with the dollar parity. I'm pretty sure we have some tricks up our sleeves.

We need to fight the Conservatives right now, while they have bad fiscal planning and no real plan's for cities! Let's take the fight to them. We shouldn't shy away from an election scrap, we should take it on full steam ahead. We have the best ideas, best platform, and best leader. We just need to tell the rest of Canada this. They will find out, and they will turf out Harper and his cabal of sycophants.

Great parties, much like Great sports teams rise to the occasion, it is time for the Liberals to hit back, and look at the scandals just from this minority government. It's time to for bloggers to stop saying the sky is falling and embrace their Liberalism. Paranoia behind a computer monitor is so five years ago.

So, anyone know how the vote is going to go?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Politics please, It's the Greatest show on earth!

The Rugby world cup final is on Saturday, and it will be live on pay-per view here in Canada. I predicted a France-New Zealand final. France beat New Zealand in a dramatic quarter-final in Cardiff. The Final will be England against South Africa.

I was totally wrong with my prediction, and I couldn't be happier in the case of England. Much like my Ontario election prediction, I didn't have high enough expectations for England. My favorite moment of the tournament had to be this drop goal where England put the game out of reach against France. It was a brilliant drive put together by the English forwards, and poise and patience in the drop goal by Jonny Wilkinson (The Beckham of Rugby, except he wins World cups). England came into the game, as gamblers, and they had adopted the Kenny Rogers song of the same name, as their team song! And they gambled against the French big time!

The defining moment of the match in the eyes of the French, was this awesome last second ankle tap tackle by the English Flanker Joe Worsley which saved the game! France never got any closer, and the English pack took control of the game.

What put England Over the top against France?
This video message from Kenny Rogers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been a long time coming...........

70 years since the last Liberal majority that was re-elected.

After the strong Liberal Victory I have some notes.

Once again, Scarborough is a sea of red. We are the reddest part of Toronto, and therefore the best part of Toronto (in a Liberal sense).

My seat prediction was off by about 4-5. I guess I was being Conservative on my estimates, I won't be too conservative on anything else. It was great to see people from both the Federal and provincial parties working together in the new Pickering Scarborough-east riding.

It will be interesting to see what happens in regards to cabinet. It would be nice to see my MPP in cabinet, but its something to wait and see about.

The Federal parliament can now get back to business as the biggest and most powerful provice has been painted red. Is this a message to Harper and his Bushites.

Memo to NDP: do you know if you have official party status? Jack is next.....

Memo to PC's: So, does this mean John Tory is free to run for mayor of Toronto next time? Anyone is better than Miller at this point.....

Memo to CPC: we don't want an election, we already had one here and we will all vote Liberal again.

Memo to LPC: get your act together, Ontario is yours for the taking.....

Thats all for now.....

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I was wrong!

My prediction was off by a few, I am sorry


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day in Ontario, including Pickering Scarborough-East

Lets all give a round of applause to the Liberals for running a good clean campaign!

My predictions are usually wrong in both sports and politics. I say between 50-67 seats for the Liberals and a majority government.

I am predicting that Wayne Arthurs is going to win Pickering Scarborough-east. Wayne has what it takes, in my opinion and is also the best candidate in the riding. I am also pulling for the old city of Scarborough to be at its reddest! Every Scarborough riding should be going Liberal again. Fortress Scarborough!

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Next up, my rugby world cup semi-final predictions....
Allez les Bleus! (France)
Swing low, Sweet Charriot! (England)
Go Bokke! (South Africa)
Vamoose Los Pumas! (Argentina)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rugby World Cup, New Zealand chokes!

Once again New Zealand choked, I predicted it. I have a theory, the Kiwis do this fearsome dance before the match called the haka. I think the players get so fired up by doing this dance, it takes the competitive edge off the big game. The opponents also face the dance directly, and get the adrenaline flowing. Maybe, just maybe, it is an advantage to the opposition to face the dance, and front up, and from the looks of the French, they are fired up!

New Zealand lost to France 20-18, but the New Zealand press decided to take the low road and blame the English referee. The French played with more poise and passion then the Kiwis. They had the finishing touch in the second half. I think maybe next world cup, the Kiwis should drop the dance. This is a rugby match, not a cultural exhibition. But, anyways, take a looksy, this is the HAKA. I love the look of contempt on the French players, as the Kiwis make strange facial expressions.

France challenge the Haka

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Drugs are bad mmmmmmmmmmmk

Looks like Little Stephen is taking a page out of the money crazed American approach to the war on drugs. That or he has a thing for Mr. Mackey on South Park.

This plan is costly and doesn't work, studies, studies, and more academic studies have proven the drug war to be wrong. It's basically a pork barrelling of funds into the military/police industrial complex.
As someone who often works with, and helps out teenagers who appear to be suffering from the effects of marijuana. I think that resources would be best spent on dealing with drugs that actually cause crime, besides the munchies. Targeting marijuana is stupid. Legalization and state control of distribution is the answer, and only a progressive govenment would have the forsight to do that.
What I like about this policy is that it drives more people to the Liberals, and despite all our idiotic infighting, we are still tied with the Conservatives. Canadian's are NOT stupid people, we tend to be more compassionate and rational. We don't think its right to throw a drug addicted person in jail (where they would do more drugs), when they could be treated for their problem. Harm reduction and legalization, with state control of distribution is my solution to the problem. What is really good is that most Canadians know this!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My own personal flip flop of sort....

I am back to being undecided on the MMP front. I was against it at first, but I am having second thoughts. ...

Now I am just undecided, so yeah.

I might vote in an advanced poll later this week, I do know that I am voting for Wayne Arthurs to represent the riding of Pickering Scarborough-east. MMP, no-MMP, I'm not really in a state of mind to particularly worry in that regard.

I am more worried about the impending start to the hockey season, as a Leaf fan, its very important.

Monday, October 01, 2007

John Tory press conference today annouces....

New campaign footwear!
Only available in Tory blue, official Conservative Flip-flops!
Only available while the public blasts the Tory policy on Religious school funding!!
Act fast, or we will run out of ideas, and flip flops!
Only available when the Conservatives are ready to concede defeat!
John Tory loves flip flops, he can wear them on the beach in Cancun when he uses his French Skills.
thats all for now.... Whats next, maybe an NDP announcement of their Communist Manifesto!