Monday, October 29, 2007

Could the Government fall tomorrow?

This mini budget is the most ill advised piece of economic garbage yet! So, its possible the government might fall. I love the 20 economists saying how bad the GST cut is! The Liberals need a plan that cuts business taxes and deals with the dollar parity. I'm pretty sure we have some tricks up our sleeves.

We need to fight the Conservatives right now, while they have bad fiscal planning and no real plan's for cities! Let's take the fight to them. We shouldn't shy away from an election scrap, we should take it on full steam ahead. We have the best ideas, best platform, and best leader. We just need to tell the rest of Canada this. They will find out, and they will turf out Harper and his cabal of sycophants.

Great parties, much like Great sports teams rise to the occasion, it is time for the Liberals to hit back, and look at the scandals just from this minority government. It's time to for bloggers to stop saying the sky is falling and embrace their Liberalism. Paranoia behind a computer monitor is so five years ago.

So, anyone know how the vote is going to go?


Angry Housewife said...

Great idea! You got some money to lend to the party? Do you have a strong, focused media plan? I think this is one of the main reasons not to jump to a quick election. Do Liberals have a clearly thought out plan of their own? Dion is taking steps towrds that; but I think there is more work to do yet.

wilson said...

The day after being elected Prime Minister, Harper started planning for the next election.

Martin was suppose to give Liberals 'the largest majority in Canadian history';
Harper kept him to a minority, went on to win a minority;
and you think that he doesn't have a 'plan' to win a majority...?

Here's the scoop.
Libs don't have the best ideas, best platform or best leader.
If they did have, they wouldn't be sitting in opposition right now too scared to call an election, Martin wouldn't have lost to Harper,
Martin would have won his majority.

Liberals stayed in power by taking advantage of a divided right.