Friday, October 05, 2007

Drugs are bad mmmmmmmmmmmk

Looks like Little Stephen is taking a page out of the money crazed American approach to the war on drugs. That or he has a thing for Mr. Mackey on South Park.

This plan is costly and doesn't work, studies, studies, and more academic studies have proven the drug war to be wrong. It's basically a pork barrelling of funds into the military/police industrial complex.
As someone who often works with, and helps out teenagers who appear to be suffering from the effects of marijuana. I think that resources would be best spent on dealing with drugs that actually cause crime, besides the munchies. Targeting marijuana is stupid. Legalization and state control of distribution is the answer, and only a progressive govenment would have the forsight to do that.
What I like about this policy is that it drives more people to the Liberals, and despite all our idiotic infighting, we are still tied with the Conservatives. Canadian's are NOT stupid people, we tend to be more compassionate and rational. We don't think its right to throw a drug addicted person in jail (where they would do more drugs), when they could be treated for their problem. Harm reduction and legalization, with state control of distribution is my solution to the problem. What is really good is that most Canadians know this!


tdwebste said...

There are soft drugs and hard drugs. Tobacco and Alcohol are legal soft drugs. As a result require health warnings. Marijuana is harder, but still a soft drug. Marijuana is an illegal soft drug. Coke, meth and heroin are hard drugs which just FU up.

Legalization is a process, because for a soft drug to be legalized the public needs to be fully and accurately warned of its dangers. At this time not enough has been done to warn/educate the public of the dangers of Marijuana. And even though Marijuana is a soft drug, perhaps its dangers do not merit its legalization? I am not a doctor or medical researcher so I honestly don't know.

tdwebste said...

In any case simply expanding jails is not the solution to the drug problem. Social education is required as well. Social education is more than just TV ads and posters, it includes thoughtful personal articles of the effects of drugs on people and their families. Prosecution criminals is part of the social solution, but only part. If social education and effective treatment are not included, than all you will do is fill up the jails. What a complete waste.

tdwebste said...
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tdwebste said...

Treating all drugs as hard drugs is just plain stupid and wrong!

Oldschool said...

"Crazed american approach"?????

Have you been to Portland lately???

They had a large druggie problem a few years back . . . they fixed it!!!

Vancouver has probably the worst druggie problem in North America . . . like downtown east Van is a sh*thole . . . .
Where are all the Insite Sites in the Socialist towns like Montreal and Toronto?????
Do lefties ever get a brain or are they all on drugs??? Even a CTV liberaland poll showed only 4% of Canucks think a shooting gallery is a solution to Canada's drug problems . . . .
Give these folks a choice . . . treatment or jail . . . pretty simple and it works!!!

Jay said...


Do some research. Theses are trial programs meaning once the results are in and if effective it will be applied across the country. For your information, those who require medical marijuana can BUY it from our conservative government endorsed centres like CALM (Cannabis As Living Medicine) here in Toronto. From what I hear, our government has great weed.

That must really burn your ass, hey old fart?

PMSteve said...

Check out the Majority Government Anti-Drug Plan and much more at

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No doubt some cynics will say it's just another sleazy Bulworth-esque marketing ploy to seem edgy and reach the cynical youth demographic using serious attitude and a hip-hopish handle. Meanwhile the marketing-nannies will say I'm committing political suicide by exposing myself unvarnished and uncut. Whatever.

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