Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day in Ontario, including Pickering Scarborough-East

Lets all give a round of applause to the Liberals for running a good clean campaign!

My predictions are usually wrong in both sports and politics. I say between 50-67 seats for the Liberals and a majority government.

I am predicting that Wayne Arthurs is going to win Pickering Scarborough-east. Wayne has what it takes, in my opinion and is also the best candidate in the riding. I am also pulling for the old city of Scarborough to be at its reddest! Every Scarborough riding should be going Liberal again. Fortress Scarborough!

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Next up, my rugby world cup semi-final predictions....
Allez les Bleus! (France)
Swing low, Sweet Charriot! (England)
Go Bokke! (South Africa)
Vamoose Los Pumas! (Argentina)


Borges said...

A good clean campaign? Is that in reference to the conservateurs announcing that damn faith school funding thing?

Jamie Callingham said...

more like a response to their attack ads which didn't work :)