Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rugby World Cup, New Zealand chokes!

Once again New Zealand choked, I predicted it. I have a theory, the Kiwis do this fearsome dance before the match called the haka. I think the players get so fired up by doing this dance, it takes the competitive edge off the big game. The opponents also face the dance directly, and get the adrenaline flowing. Maybe, just maybe, it is an advantage to the opposition to face the dance, and front up, and from the looks of the French, they are fired up!

New Zealand lost to France 20-18, but the New Zealand press decided to take the low road and blame the English referee. The French played with more poise and passion then the Kiwis. They had the finishing touch in the second half. I think maybe next world cup, the Kiwis should drop the dance. This is a rugby match, not a cultural exhibition. But, anyways, take a looksy, this is the HAKA. I love the look of contempt on the French players, as the Kiwis make strange facial expressions.

France challenge the Haka

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