Thursday, November 22, 2007

Usefullness or Uselessness of Facebook Politics Groups...

Its true, I belong to over 100 facebook groups, 90 of which are about some Liberal cause or candidate, the others relate to rugby, and the Toronto Maple leafs. Now, most of these groups involve a single issue or electing someone. I have decided to make rules about these groups, and their content.

In no particular order....

1) I have no time to give to your campaign outside my riding, and I don't beg for you to help me out.

2) Do not add me to your elect group if you are located outside of the GTA where I live.

3) If you are outside Ontario, do not add me to your group, especially provincial elections in provinces where i have never even visited.

4) No, I am not interested in going to your fundraiser on a weeknight on the other side of the city/province/country

5) No, I do not have any time to volunteer on E-day, I am busy looking after my own riding.

6) Unless there is any discussion, most wall postings are totally useless in these groups. consisting of go (insert Candidates name here), you can do it! Don't bother having a wall.

7) Unless your group has good policy debate, and isn't a showcase for some pet project, I do not consider it a policy group. I consider it a press release group.


9) I have officially decided to take a moratorium on rival candidates facebook groups for the same Liberal riding nomination, as I have no vested interest in that riding. It's not fair for me to be taking sides.

10) Any facebook group started by me is extremely important, and everyone should join because it adheres to these 10 rules.

If you have any other rules please feel free to ad to them. These suggestions may come across as harsh, but I have yet to really see any benefit of half these groups. Yes, they get the idea out there, but I have noticed a lot of groups have the same people in them. What do you think?

Vote for this post if you are part of a political facebook group

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taser's are bad...

Is it just me, or is number of deaths resulting from Tasering people way too high? 18 deaths since 2003. Looks like we also have the most read story on BBC news, so beware when traveling through Vancouver Airport. It's not only home to a high landing tax, it is home to trigger happy Mounties.

I think these stun guns should be outlawed, or replaced with a safe alternative that doesn't have a killing side effect.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

hockey, made me think.

I was watching the Leafs-Montreal game, and I noticed something. All the Canadiens fans were chanting in English the whole game! So, is Pauline Marois going to make them chant Allez les habs, instead of go habs go? Or a French version of Leaf's suck?

Other questions? Is Pauline Marois going to pay for a PET scan machine for Montreal like Saku Koivu did? Are all Montreal Canadiens fans bilingual? Will the PQ demand the French Language police attend habs games and give tickets out to fans who are chanting only in English? These are important questions, if you are an idiot.

I am just trying to illuminate the backwards absurdity of the Quebec Separatists.