Saturday, November 03, 2007

hockey, made me think.

I was watching the Leafs-Montreal game, and I noticed something. All the Canadiens fans were chanting in English the whole game! So, is Pauline Marois going to make them chant Allez les habs, instead of go habs go? Or a French version of Leaf's suck?

Other questions? Is Pauline Marois going to pay for a PET scan machine for Montreal like Saku Koivu did? Are all Montreal Canadiens fans bilingual? Will the PQ demand the French Language police attend habs games and give tickets out to fans who are chanting only in English? These are important questions, if you are an idiot.

I am just trying to illuminate the backwards absurdity of the Quebec Separatists.


Borges said...

Hockey is not a public institution, Mme Marois' proposal is about making sure of linguistic competency before being allowed to vote in local elections. And people do chant in French there.

Jamie Callingham said...

Hockey is a very public institution. Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, there is one constant, hockey! There is only going to be one important medal at the 2010 Olympics, and that is Men's hockey.

I just think the PQ is pushing a xenophobic legislation, that discriminates against non-french speakers. The French language is doing just fine, except at habs games, where everything seems to be in English.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't our PM, who is a hockey fan, intervene?

Is it Pauline Marois' fault that there are fewer French Canadian kids interested in playing hockey? At the same time, the separatists have poisoned the hockey culture in Quebec that the best French Canadian hockey player will not play for the Habs.

Add to that the movement of the Quebec Nordiques to the Denver area.

This is why Montreal has a captain from Finland whose second language is English. Reasonable accomodation means chasing Koivu out of the Bell Centre.

Jamie Callingham said...

Mushroom, Our PM is a Leaf fan. A leaf fan who lives in Calgary. I agree about the hockey culture though. Just look at the players refusing to play in Montreal.