Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taser's are bad...

Is it just me, or is number of deaths resulting from Tasering people way too high? 18 deaths since 2003. Looks like we also have the most read story on BBC news, so beware when traveling through Vancouver Airport. It's not only home to a high landing tax, it is home to trigger happy Mounties.

I think these stun guns should be outlawed, or replaced with a safe alternative that doesn't have a killing side effect.


The Mound of Sound said...

We probably need tasers but we also need to sharply restrict when they can be used. Tasers are not a substitute for pepper spray or any other non-lethal means to subdue a persohn. They should only be used as a substitute for even more lethal force. In other words, the same conditions ought to apply to the use of a taser that we apply to officers using their firearms. Absent some real and immediate danger to the lives of officers or others, tasers ought not to be used as a convenient "take down" device.

Dame said...

the "discharge "of the taser is variable.
tasers should not be used in close range .. /Like in the latest case it was used in almost arms length /
never use it repeatedly ..period .
the physical Condition of the victim is variable and it makes a difference .
the Victim falls in a CONVULSION ...yes it can cause cardiac fibrillation and arrest!!!!!
it causes enormous pain!!! You would not use it on animals...

cops know almost nothing about all what really happening and they love it now as an easy solution in a conflict..
it is scandalous how this all happening day by days..