Wednesday, December 05, 2007

drafting candidates from other parties?

Alright, I see Bob Rae is all keen on the former conservative candidate from the Toronto Centre. Quick question? Isn't there someone who is actually a Liberal that should be interested in running in Don Valley west? Liberals on facebook want Mark Warner to run in Toronto for the Liberals. Me, I disagree.

Its all fine and dandy to talk about how qualified Mark Warner is as a candidate, but may I remind you he is a Conservative, who probably was calling us corrupt 6 months ago. Yes, he is well educated, and seems to be a Liberal, but until he renounces his CPC membership, he is still not a Liberal.

I think we should find qualified Liberal candidates first, who are members of the Liberal Party of Canada, and volunteer for the LPC. If Mr. Warner wishes to join the Liberal Party of Canada, he is welcome in my books. From there, he should use the traditional way of winning a nomination.


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Unknown said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it the Conservative Party that prevented Mr. Warner from running 'blue' in Toronto Centre? And not the other way around? Right up until that moment, and even for some time after if we can believe press quotes, Mr. Warner was very happy to run in support of Stephen Harper. Doesn't that disqualify somebody by default from running as a Dion (or any other) Liberal? You'd sure think so, with the behavior and policies of the Harper Conservatives.