Friday, December 26, 2008


Looks like the Tories are up to their crazy partisanship. Shame on them for threatening the Jewish Community, just for inviting Michael Ignatieff to a menorah lighting! Looks like Tony Clement's aides are threatening and bullying the Jewish community. So much for reaching out to the Liberals, through threatening communities that welcome their leader. You think in this time of the season people would be better, well not Tory aides.
Take a look at this report.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Hey Everyone,

I would like to extend to you all, a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years to all of you who have read this over the past year and enjoyed my writings. In the spirit of the year, I hope everyone who is reading this has time to enjoy with family and friends to celebrate.

I appreciate the comments from readers, as well as their criticism and its time like these that remind me how this is a fun hobby, that I can use to send my opinions to an audience.

And here for a little treat, is where Santa is right now.


Friday, December 19, 2008

30 Billion reasons the Tories can't run the government

Stephen Harper is an "economist". Yes, he has a masters degree in economics, but his lack of grasp on the economy and spending and understanding the market has me wondering what kind of economist is Harper.

His statements make no sense, and if we took his stock advice, well we would be even more broke than before. Its proven now that he has no plan, lowering the GST only created a deficit situation even more inevitable after spending like a drunken sailor.

I have commented many times on the lack of fiscal foresight and insane spending by this Conservative Government, and this 30 billion dollar deficit is just the cherry on top. Let's remember that 8 weeks ago Harper said there is no recession. That during the fiscal update offered no stimulus, until threatened with being removed from office. He closed down parliament when he was going to get defeated by the house.

This type of systematic mismanagement, and fiscal incompetence shows how badly damaging the Conservative are to this country, and makes me wonder what kind of "economist" Stephen Harper is. Because I think he has studied "ostrich" economics, aka the art of putting your head in the sand and pretending there is nothing going on outside, while the place is in an earth quake.

Just a few thoughts

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Appointing Senators, thats a very Liberal idea.

It's funny how desperate Our great El Presidente Harper is. He wants to push through senate appointments to a body which he has refused to acknowledge and badmouth and request change his whole political career.

Lets get some direct quotes from Harper....

Here is my favorite
"This is the most important step we must take in dealing with Canada's democratic deficit, because there is nothing that will limit the prime minister's stranglehold on the political system more thoroughly and more permanently than establishing a Senate elected independent of the prime minister."-- Toronto Star, 28 Dec 2003

Independent of the Prime Minister, meaning not afraid, like Tory MP's are of the PM.

In regards to senate elections....
The federal Conservative Party promises the gradual election of the Senate. "A Conservative government led by Stephen Harper, its platform says, "will appoint only elected senators to the Senate."-- Globe Editorial, 18 June 2004

"I don't plan to appoint senators, that's not my intention, so we will be, in some cases, waiting upon an election system," he said.-- Toronto Sun, 14 January 2006

My god, he almost has a principled view on the senate. Too bad he changed his opinion. Stephen loves power, he craves it. He will do anything and slam anyone as long as he can stay in power. We are dealing with a desperate man, with a desperate agenda, in desperate economic times.

Just some thoughts....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remember everyone...

The last time the Liberals were in power, and the economy was humming along, despite an economic slowdown in 2001. The government had a surplus, a massive surplus with an emergency contingency plan...

Now we have the Conservatives, with Harper and his hyper-childlike partisanship, Jim Flaherty who despite being a smart guy, seems to be Harper's lackey. Let's talk about the lack of contingency, the partisanship, the bad economic stewardship. This recession was coming from a long way off, look at how the sub prime loan thing lingered and grew into the financial crisis down south, but Stephen and friends covered their ears started yelling, "lalalalalala lying lying, there is no recession, Conservative good, Liberal bad". They wasted the contingency on god knows what. They created tax cuts that benefit the rich, rather than income tax cuts to the poor. They have squandered over a billion dollars on "consultants" after campaigning against the practice.

These are plenty of reasons for the Liberals to unite, and fight. Just look at this laundry list of incompetent decisions. The pathetic mismanagement of the economy, and lack of any reason to run away till January really show the Tories are crazy about holding power.

This leads to my next point. Michael Ignatieff is the man to lead the Liberals against Harper. We must unite around Michael and his team, and work together to raise funds, campaign, fight back against Conservative lies together. This is going to be hard for a lot of people, but I think the end result of exposing the Conservatives for being bad at Governing is a good result. Just look at our team, no lackey's, no yes men, all smart MP's and candidates. Its time for the party to work together.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Its all about electability.....

Whenever I watch the UFC, they always have these redundant beer ads about a light beer being more drinkable than its competitor. The Angus Reid poll on the weekend has established one thing amongst the Liberal Leadership contenders, Michael Ignatieff is the most electable candidate. Let's be honest here, there is a lot of egos and infighting in the party, but we are only a tiny percentage of voters. Voters want more of Michael and they have expressed their interest in seeing him as leader.

Numbers don't lie, and these type of polls are only a shot at the potential growth which Michael Ignatieff has compared to Bob Rae. Bob's legacy from his NDP years hampers him across the electorate, from Alberta to Ontario, whereas Michael has no such baggage and is seen as a strong voice to lead the party.

Now, with the leadership race now heating up, as the Hon. Stephane Dion has announced he is resigning we enter into interesting times for the Liberal Party of Canada. There could be an election, or there could be a coalition. I have no inside knowledge on what is happening in this direction, and the party must start soul searching as to what our role will be in the near future. I think we should thank Mr Dion for his leadership, and his legacy as the man who took on the separatists and beat them at their own game.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Big Labour strikes back...

My brothers in big labour have struck back at the Con propaganda machine. Reasonable says I...

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Grand Coalition Government of Canada

It has a better ring than Canada's New Government

Let me be the first to say that I am impressed by politicians for the first time in a long time. But I would like to thank Stephen Harper for making this all possible. His lazy economic policies, his strange and vindictive attack against his political foes, and his bad overall governance have put is in a situation for a coalition government to take a shape and form very soon.

How did we get to this? It's quite easy... The Conservative Government has sat on their hands for the past 2 years, they have done nothing to help create jobs for Canadians. Flaherty has offended Ontario, Harper has been partisan when he should have been a Prime Minister, and they tried to govern like a majority in a minority situation. They have only thought about themselves and have failed to address the issues that we face as a country. In typical Conservative fashion, they deny there is a problem, just as they did during the election. But now the signs are there, and the media has finally grown a pair.

This coalition has come out of the Conservative mismanagement, and will be up against a powerful Conservative propaganda/leak machine that has already tried to derail the agreement with the Ignatieff story, and the NDP tape leak. The Coalition will have to be open and transparent to have success, and I think this new era of cooperation will help foster this transparancy in all 3 parties.

Credit for this coalition has to goto Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe. I for one have not exactly been the biggest fan of the NDP, but Jack has really shown me a new side of him. The idea of puting people first in tough times shows how the 3 parties have matured in the face of Harper's juvenile antics. Dion has taken the lead, and his goal to raise decorem in parliament might be possible under this coalition.

Leadership for our economy is what we need as a country. Look at the example of Unemployment cases rising by 90% in Oshawa in November, and its safe to say we are in a recession, in Jim Flaherty's riding! I don't know how he can face his consitituents who are hurting and need help. The stimulus plan will help Canadians shore up their savings and retirements in a direct injection to the economy, another thing the Conservatives seem to have forgotten about.

So now, the spin cycle goes beserk. The Conservatives are going to demand a $300 million dollar election, and make up all sorts of outrageous claims about Jack wanting to nationalize everything, and the Liberals bring back a carbon tax. So i decided to give a head start.

So lets get it out of the way, Conservative arguments of the future

-Stephane Dion is evil and wants to carbon tax you to death
- Jack Layton is an evil socialist who wants to tax business to death
- We already addressed the economic crisis with tax cuts 2 years ago before it happened
- We won the election 38% of Canadians vote for us, Stephen Harper is the leader?
- Its not fair, we should be the government......
- Stephane Dion is not a leader (oh crap, we already used that one)

Liberal Caucus backs Dion

This is great news for the Liberal Party of Canada, it shows that Michael, Bob and Dominic are supporting Stephane Dion, and they are united "tous Ensemble" together. It was dissapointing and disheartening to hear various people believe the articles planted in the National Post about Michael Ignatieff. It is safe to say that Michael is supporting this 100% and his loyalties are not in question.

From CTV newsnet

Mike DuffyNewsNet closed captioning>> Scott: We're going to go back to ottawa, where ctv's mike duffy hassome updated information on the drama that's swirling in ottawa rightnow. Mike, what do you have?>> Mike: Well, I've just had a word from across the street at theliberal caucus, which is still underway, but it's about to break up.Stephane dion met with bob rae, michael ignatieff and dominic leblancthis morning. He showed them the terms of the deal that he, mr. Dion'sstaff and he had been working on with the ndp. They agreed that theterms were good and they went to the liberal caucus, where they -- weare told unanimously said that they support mr. Dion in being the leaderand in this deal going ahead he will be the prime minister on an interimbasis until the liberal convention in vancouver in may and that they'regoing to write a letter to the governor-general telling her that theopposition parties no longer have confidence in the government and thatthey've all agreed that stephane dion is the man and that there areterms of an arrangement that would guarantee political stability overthe next two and a half years. Liberal-ndp coalition with the bloc onthe outside but offering their support for a period of 30 months so thatthe new government can get into place. Just repeating that, the threeliberal leadership contenders met, stephane dion this morning, saw andwe are told approved of the terms of the arrangement with the ndp. Theythen took that message to the liberal caucus, which will break anyminute now, but undoubtedly, that will be the word coming out, the nextstep is to send the message to the fwochb governor-general who isoverseas but essentially it all turns on the opposition partiesdefeating the government on the vote a week from today.>> Scott: Mike, does this handcuff the liberal leadership liberalleadership candidates in any way is this>> Mike: We're not clear. Obviously the liberal leadership race will goahead. We are not clear whether or not members -- whether mr. Dion andmr. Ignatieff and mr. Leblanc will have roles as cabinet machinesministers or whether they will be free to campaign. I think the viewearly this morning was that mr. Rae thought you could goeth. I think mr.Ignatieff had a slightly different view, ie, that it would be better notto be in cabinet, so they would be free full-time to cross the countryand meet liberal detle. So that part isn't clear yet, scott, but as soonas they come out I'm sure we'll get an answer to that question as well.Liberal caucus just about to wrap up but as i say, the interim dealapproved by the three leadership candidates -- and they've brought theirendorsation of stephane dion as the new prime minister of canada to theliberal caucus meeting now underway.>> Scott: Now, mike, i know things are rapidly developing here but whatdoes this do internally with the tories?>> Mike: Well, it's not clear what the tories can do to fight back. Theycan make their own representations to the governor-general, but this isirregular. It certainly is irregular. I don't think that it'sunconstitutional. It's foreseen in the rules, if a government loses theconfidence of the house, that the governor-general could call on anotherperson. I think the tories will be attempting to portray this assomething that started not as a result of anything that they did but asa result of the outcome of the last election, because you'll remember onthe weekend, I think it was, we had thomas mulcair telling reportersthat they had discussions with the ndp beginning two or three days afterthe last election, long before parliament resumed, long before theeconomic update was on the table. I'm not sure that much turns on this,but that undoubtedly, i think, will be one of the arguments the torieswill put forward, is that this is not as much an attempt to show a lackof confidence in the government as it is to subvert -- this will be thetory argument -- subvert the will of the people who spoke in the federalgeneral election.>> Scott: Absolutely the best soap opera on television right here on ctvnewsnet, mike. Thanks very much.

Ivison was wrong wrong wrong!!!!

Michael is not going to be interim leader. He hopefully will be leader after May 1. But until then Stephane Dion is the leader of the Liberal Party. Any Liberals who believe the National Post need to look at other media sources that actually have a Liberal viewpoint.


PS, see Bob on Canada AM, and Michael on Question Period....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Michael actually is onboard

Already the anti-Michael crowd has tried to paint Michael Ignatieff of not being on side for the coalition, but Andrew Steele of the Globe and Mail, not the National Post has a great response to the wild accusations addressed at Michael (I agree with his analysis 100%). To be honest I think the National Post story is a plant from the anyone but Ignatieff camp, and Michael's interview on question period really shows his loyalty to the leader right now. Judge it for yourself...

Iggy on-board

Andrew Steele, today at 9:00 PM EST

I've known John Ivison for years, back from 2003 when he was the National Post's columnist at Queen's Park.

But I'm not sure I buy his conclusions that Michael Ignatieff is off-side with the idea of defeating the government and creating a new regime.

This Ignatieff interview on Question Period today is probably the best I've seen the Etobicoke MP. He's confident and clear, and not taken off-message by multiple luring questions from Jane Taber.

But more than anything, he is rock-solid behind defeating the government and producing a new Ministry.

Sure, he makes the point that he is not privy to any negotiations, but that seems logical. In these uncertain times, the Liberal House leadership needs to negotiate with the leadership camps as much as the other parties.

But why would Ignatieff expose himself so publicly and so clearly defending the concept of defeating the government if he did not believe it?

He could just as easily duck media exposure on the topic by continuing a leadership campaign tour of distant ridings.

He could make the fact that he is not privy to negotiations his first and only talking point.

If the plan were to have enough Ignatieff-supporting Liberal MPs avoid the vote so the government survives, that would obviously trace back to Ignatieff and leave him culpable for any unpopular moves by the Harper government for the remainder of their term in office.

It seems to me Ignatieff would be highly motivated to support defeating the government. Even if he does not become Prime Minister immediately, it leaves him with a very strong prospect of the job in the near future and one in the hand is worth nine in the bush.

But more to the point, the opposition have that look in their eye people get when they have decided to do something. They seem entirely fed up with the Harper Ministry and committed to its defeat.

The opposition may blanche for a variety of reasons.

But if I were Stephen Harper, I wouldn't be investing my hopes in Michael Ignatieff being a fifth columnist for the Conservatives.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fire's across the blogosphere

First Harper gives the speech of an angry high school student!!!

Offers nothing new....

Whines about being elected with a minority...

Man, we live in heady times....

if they blink, punish them

Lets all hold on for a sec, I just read that the Tories are blinking on political funding. But are they blinking on anything else? no? Not at all!

This mini budget is the worst piece of economic update since the Mike Harris years. Selling off Federal buildings in no way helps the long term planning and Government of Canada in the future. The lack of any help and stimulus show that Deficit Jim is just hiding the debt with some creative accounting and doing nothing for the average Canadian.

Should we vote against this thing. Yes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spinning the wheels and the mud just flies

This is a continuation from my post this morning....

Its time to be honest. This political funding issue is just a giant smokescreen for the Tory Government, and it can only benefit them. Lets get to the crux of the issue, Jim and Stephen have spent themselves into a tizzy, and have brought this Mulroneyesque budget deficit onto themselves.

So to hide the fact that they are incompatent managers of the Canadian economy, they cry foul that the world economy has affected this financial situation, when this situation was caused as usual by Tory stupidity. its a smart bait and switch move, lets be honest. And we need to show the public what the Tories are up too. The Canadian budget is barely affected by 20 million dollars in funding to political parties. This will only cause more jobs to be lost ( even though they are political ones).

We have to ask about this update, where is the help for the average Canadian? Why aren't they doing anything for those workers who have recently been given the pink slips? What are they going to do to help?
This isn't a debate about action on political funding, its about the Tories and their tactics. IF they want to gety dirty, we should expose their true mean spirited ways and their lack of ability to manage the government.

Thats the truth of the matter, not this mud and smoke about Political funding. That is the bait and switch they want everyone to focus on. Let's focus on the truth to start, and then make sure democracy is strong after. After reading my last post, some of my points are a tad redundent.

Smoke and Mirrors

I can't sit idly by and watch the reports roll in that Deficit Jim is about to cancel public funding for Political Parties. Last time I checked, minority governments were run by consensus, not by partisan hackery.

This government is showing us once again why they are unfit to govern, putting partisanship over the greater good of Canadians. Instead of finding some viable cuts, the Conservatives show contempt for our democratic institutions and laws. They show their lack of serious intent when it comes to curb spending and not go into deficit. This is a typical move designed to hide the real issue of fiscal incompatence and further make the government more divided and partisan.

The main crux of the issue is this, the government is in this situation not because of the economy, but because of their "teenage credit card holder" spending policies. Now they are trying to cover their tracks and politicize their own spending problems by messing around with political spending which was brought into strengthen democracy.

This post is short and sweet,as I am at the office.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Endorsement for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Just about every blogger has already declared who they are supporting for leader, so I have decided to end my political blogging embargo for the near future. I believe that the Liberal party needs grassroots renewal and a team that is ready to win the election now.

I decided this time around to go with my head, rather than my heart (last time I supported Gerard Kennedy). I feel that Michael Ignatieff is the man, best fit for the job to lead the Liberal Party back into government.

Despite my numerous criticisms of his campaign team, and his delegates during the last leadership race. I feel that Michael has grown leaps and bounds from 2006, and has used the position of Deputy leader to become one of the strongest members in the House of Commons. I also believe that losing the 2006 leadership race was the best thing to happen to Michael, it forced him to reach out to the non-iggy Liberals, and it allowed him to talk to grassroots members of the party since becoming Deputy Leader.

I also believe that Michael is the most electable choice for the country in the next election. I feel that he has the name power, that Dominic Leblanc lacks, and doesn't have the stigma that Bob Rae brings to the 416/905 belt from his years as Premier of Ontario. This is the honest truth, and in tough economic times, the media will go over all of our candidates and their plans with a fine tooth comb, and this is where Michael's advantage will really shine.

These are just a few of the points which i bring to the table. Feel free to agree or disagree, but I will be supporting Michael for leader.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Noticed something today....

Is liblogs about Canadian Politics or American Politics?

Hard to say today....

I'm taking a break from this silliness down south...

Read my sports blog, its bs free.

Meet the New boss, same as the old boss.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Liberal Silliness....

So I happened to check on liblogs this morning, and 2 things really seemed out of place.

First, Red Tory is demanding to be removed from liblogs for taking on another Liberal blogger in some type of blog war which started over American politics. As usual it was comments that made things worse, and has led Red Tory to want to leave liblogs. I like Red Tory's blog and have been a long time reader, but he did attack another liblogger for their views on American Politics! The problem arises from comments that were left on the blog he was "debating" with, and those comments should have been deleted. The level of attacking was pretty high on both sides, and I think they should have had a more civilzed debate. Red Tory's presence on liblogs makes it a better place, and I would be dissapointed to see him leave the blogroll.

But this leads to my next point. American politics is a backburner issue for me, as we need to focus on the LPC, rather than the Barack Obama lovefest. I do want Obama to win, but I have firmly believed that we should keep our own house in order, rather than focus on the madhouse to the south of us.

Second, Scott Ross seems to think that there is some type of conspiracy theory regarding the election of Stephane Dion as leader of the party. Hate to break it to you Scott, but Gerard Kennedy is most responsible for Dion's victory. Kennedy, and maybe Bob Rae's delegates who were barely on speaking terms with the Ignatieff people. Kennedy was the king maker, not these fake delegates, and bait and switch thing you did.

Politics is a dirty game, and you can't go whining about decoy delegates. If one party at leadership was doing it in 2006, all the leadership hopefuls were. Dragging Adam Miron's good name through the mud is a pretty strange way to rebuild the party. Adam is a Liberal through and through, and has worked tirelessly for the party in his roll as National Director of the Young Liberals of Canada.

From this silliness, I have come to some conclusions. First off, Bloggers have huge egos. Secondly, personal attacks on the internet, should be dealt with properly, and by properly meaning in a professional way. So if someone slandered Red Tory in a blog comment on my blog, I'd probably delete it. Thirdly, complaining about the leadership race of 2006 is silly, and if you have problems with the result you can always invent a time machine and travel back in time to do something about it.

I realize by reading the interesting behaviour of bloggers, that the only thing I take seriously when writing, is my views, and my level of writing. I don't take the personal childish attacks seriously, or the trolls. This is only going to make things more interesting in a Leadership Race. Tempers will flare, camps will be formed and people will get on their high horse. This is an interesting time to be a Liberal, but the only advice I have for other bloggers is to remember to be rational and write in an intelligent fashion.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Political Music, its relevant

This video Rocks, Progressive meaningful music is coming out the United States, mainly thanks to 8 years of Right Wing Government. The Reagan years produced the foundation for modern punk, the Bush years is the evolution of political music into the mainstream.

Against me Rocks......

This Offspring Song rocks "Hammerhead". This video is trippy and the images are interesting, its like they got the guy from some of the Tool videos to do a subversively political message... Its different to say the least...

Re-Education (Through Labor) - Rise Against
The New Rise Against Album is amazing, just listen to the lyrics. I was really unhappy not to see them play in Toronto last time around. I am going next time for sure!

Yeah and last but not least.....

Does Axl really care about democracy in China? Im not sure? do you care?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check out this blog...

In the near future, I will be sports writing again.

Check out my sports blog. Jamie on Sports, for daily updates on the world of sports.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Open Letter to the Leadership Contenders of the Liberal Party of Canada

This is my second open letter to the Liberal Party of Canada. Though this letter is addressed to the contenders who want to take over the job of leader. I hope they read it, and I hope they adhere to some of these suggestions.

To Whom it may concern:

As a grassroots member of the Liberal Party of Canada, I have some concerns about what you are going to do to the party.

First off, you must convince your followers, that they are Liberals first. I don't want any kool-aid drinking, talking point spewing, sycophants who just piss me off and only enrage people who are there for the party. So you must first convince your devoted followers that they are devoted followers of the Liberal Party of Canada, regardless if you win or lose the leadership race. I don't think that is very hard to do.

Secondly, you have to accept that the party requires big changes, and that the party must be change drastically. That means get rid of the old fart brigades that exist in Ottawa and Toronto. All those Liberal "Insiders", basically lawyers on Bay Street who seem to only come out of the woodwork around a leadership race, should be pushed off a proverbial cliff, put out to pasture, and told to put up and shut up. This includes anyone who is in the party because they are related to someone important from 30 years ago, we need young, ambitious people who want to win. Not some old people who are reliving Trudeau's glory years, which is before I was born.

Thirdly, You need to revolutionize the fundraising apparatus of the party, and bring it from the 1970's to the 21st century. The party is broke, and I think any leadership candidate should not run a debt, and donate 25% of their fundraising to the Liberal Party of Canada as a token of their commitment to rebuilding the party and strengthening its foundations.

The Fourth thing you should do, is take the use of the Internet and web 2.0 seriously. This Obama guy down south seems to be onto something in using the Internet in his campaign. I don't want your old fart brigade to ruin this, bring in some young savvy people like me to tell you about these good ideas and concepts.

So if you follow these rules, I think I might be able to help you out. I could write a nice endorsement, maybe even call up some of my friends to buy memberships in the party. I just hope you and your team realize that the party must be united, and must be changed for the better. Let's put the knives away, and play fair.

Yours in Liberalism
-Jamie Callingham

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Open Letter to Liberal Party of Canada and its Membership

To whom it may Concern;

My name is Jamie Callingham, and I write Confessions of a Liberal Mind, the blog. I am also the Policy Chair, for the Pickering-Scarborough East Federal Liberal Association. I am writing this as I feel we need to keep Stephane on as leader. The party needs stability right now. We don't need an expensive leadership race that will bankrupt the Party. The knives may be out, but this is a good time to rid the party of the lazy people resting on their laurels, and who are 20 years behind the time.

What the party really needs is to get rid of all the lazy people at the top, from the campaign chair, who directed a disastrous campaign that lacked any real war room, and who's marketing and messaging were sub par.

If this is the best Harper can do on his not a leader position, good luck to him next time. We must remember not to make any rash decisions that will hurt the party in the long run, for people who are only Liberals to support certain factions and individuals in the party. We need to support the Liberal party as a whole.

These people do not have our best interest at heart, and that is why I feel that Stephane must continue to be at the helm of the party, looking our for us Liberals who are here regardless of who is a leadership contender. I hope you pass this message on to the leader, and the message I am conveying from the people out in the grassroots.

Yours in Liberalism
-Jamie Callingham

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disapointed, but not surprised...

The NDP Bloggers have decided to be the Ralph Nader's of this election, and say that strategic voting is only good if its for the NDP. This is basically Parroting their leader, and putting the NDP ahead of the greater good of Canada. Putting signs up for the NDP in a riding where the candidate has resigned like Durham is one of those selfish moves.

In most parts of Ontario, the left vote split hurts the Liberals, and allows the NDP to finish an awesome 3rd in most ridings outside of Toronto and Hamilton. In Saskatchewan, it's the Liberals that run 3rd, same in Manitoba. These are the ridings where strategic voting is in play. Now, I am not going to even address those ridings where it is a big fight between the NDP and the Liberals, because those tend to be the nastiest races in the country. From looking at the history in Trinity Spadina, the sign damage in Hamilton Mountain, and the vandalism in Parkdale High Park show some real strange behaviour, which I find unacceptable.

This type of short sightedness and the cult of Jack people are putting the NDP nowhere in most parts of Ontario, and thats where most of the bloggers are from. I agree with Scott Tribe, and his assessment on the chances of the Liberals in parts of the prairies and some western ridings. I am just lucky to live in Pickering-Scarborough East where we are safely in the drivers seat with Dan McTeague and the gas prices for tomorrow today. Where I don't have to trade any votes with anyone, and I am picking the most competent in terms of advocating for my community.

So before you leave tonight go check out the, they are unbiased towards any single party. I think thats the best way to go if you are in a battleground riding.

good luck to all

Think about the economy before you vote?

Think about gas prices, think about those manufacturing jobs lost today. Think about the fundamentals of the economy?
Are they strong?

Are they weak?

Think about how each party wants to steer the economy? Think of how the Conservatives have ignored problems till they were obvious to everyone?

Its a clear choice.

I know who I am voting for. In Pickering-Scarborough East, Dan McTeague gets my vote. He will represent us well in Ottawa.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Strategic Voting

This is a call to you people that live in those places where there is a 2 horse race. The People in Durham Riding, the people in Muskoka-Parry Sound, the residents of Barrie. It time to swallow your pride if you are a progressive and vote for the party that best represents a better Canada. In most of these swing ridings I would urge you to vote Liberal. Do you want more of this? Seriously? In Ridings where the Liberals are a distant third, well you might want to trade your vote with someone else in another part of the country.

Voting Strategically has its place, and the ridings I just gave as examples are ridings where the Liberals finish second due to the vote split. In areas where the Liberals are a distant third, I would suggest voting for a party besides the Liberals and not the Conservatives.

Elizabeth May said it best, she wants what is best for the country. Not what is best for her own ambition, she called Jack Layton out, and I agree with her that Jack Layton is obsessed with power, at the cost of the country. A vote for the NDP in most of these battleground Ontario ridings outside of Toronto will be a vote for the Conservatives.

The importance of this election and the candour with which May seems to understand show that she is my choice in the Riding of Central Nova. I hope she unseats Peter McKay who has only acted like Harper's lackey since the merger of the PC's and Reform Party.

So think hard, and visit the prediction and voting sites if you are an undecided voter. Vote with your mind, not your heart. We must get rid of these neo-conservatives tomorrow!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Canada's Tory Voice!

You know how they have the celebrities around the CTV logo, touching it or playing with it. We could have the sheep from Scott Tribe's logo, going bahhhhhhhh.

Just remember when watching CTV, its Canada's Tory Voice.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last weekend push

Its only 3 days till the election, and we are in a genuine horserace despite the Conservative attemps through the Mike "Biggest Conservative Cheerleader Ever" Duffy. Warren Kinsella puts the ATV interview in a great context, with Bart the fish, and I've never been asked a question at a job interview if I had the job today, What should I have done 2 weeks ago?

The Cadman Tapes are unaltered
! Yes, the truth has finally come out, and the tapes of the Conservatives were not altered despite the accusations and smeaing by the Con propaganda machine! Yes, Harpers own expert says that the tape is not altered despite Harpo and friends saying it is a Liberal Conspiracy!

I found this great site yesterday about Jack Layton and his team. Jack's team highlights the level of candidates the NDP seems to get. The NDP seems to attract candidates with crazy and extremist views, from the 9/11 Conspiracy people to those who want to get naked in front of teenage girls the list seems to go on and on. I think every voter choosing between the Liberals and NDP should have a look at this, as local representation is just as important as the leader you want to vote for. How many other skeletons are in the NDP's closet? And is there any accountability in the choice of candidates by Jack Layton?

There you have it, my first post in a few days. My dog got incredibly sick this week, and she is currently making a full recovery. She is a 6 year old Yellow Lab, who is looking to make a full recovery.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Notes

From the look of the polls, the Liberals are back in the fight. Right now it is time for the Liberals to focus on their team. To show that we have the best people to form the best government. 5 points is barely a lead, and its time to close the gap. I hope the central campaign has some good ideas.

It's going to be a scrap and fight to the finish, but the Liberals have what it takes to win. Let's hope the Tory platform is typical trickle down economics and that this can further help the voters shift to the Liberals. Hopefully more Canadians will see the true colours of Harpernomics in the next 2 weeks, and show their disdain at the ballot box.

Secondly, I invite all of you to attend Dan McTeague's Online townhall. This will be streamed live from , in video. Dan will be talking questions, from those who sign up for the website. This townhall will run from 8pm to 9:30 pm, and shows how this candidate has embraced web 2.0. I believe this is one of the first online town hall's ever done in Canada, for a political format.

Some Hockey Analogies on the Debate

Warren Kinsella had a cool hockey analysis on the debate, so I decided to call him on that with my own hockey analogies. I think comparing hockey to politics is cool.

I thought Elizabeth May was the one all over the ice, I thought she gave Harper a good elbow in the crease, and Steve Paikin just totally let it go on a number of occasions. Much like hockey officiating late in the playoffs. May played like she had nothing to lose, total fire wagon debating in my mind. Her knowledge of issues in the Atlantic provinces show she is serious and well read and would represent Central Nova Riding very well.

Layton didn't really do anything for me. He seemed more like a small agitator playing looking for the captaincy of the team. For some reason I have trouble taking this man seriously as a player, being his seriously weak bench, and seriously wild promises which make no sense. Totally reminds me of Darcy Tucker, last season for the Maple Leafs.

Dion didn't overwhelm or underwhelm, I'd say he was a solid stay at home defenceman who had a couple of blasts from the point. Dion got his message across, and communicated the Green Shift very well. He was clear and concise, and impressed me with his passion. He was poised and didn't panic and his english was nowhere near as bad as some pundits put it out to be. But he was not the MVP as Cherniak seems to think.

Harper was the goalie, under siege on a PK the whole game. But seemed fairly calm, and gave some good excuses when the puck was in the back of the net. But like most goalies he had a strained look during those times where it was just an attack on his platform. It was like Harper was running on his record, in my mind a very mediocre record. I think he needs a new goalie coach. He did get one really good hack right on the back of Layton's legs, on the private health care comment. So much for being a proletariat Jack!

Duceppe to me played like one of those floater type forwards, only in it for offence, not backchecking, only taking easy rushes and 2 line passes to get a breakaway on Harper. He had some good chances but it was a half hearted effort as Duceppe had put in his A-game last night.

thats my take

Disclaimer: Jamie Callingham is a big Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Most Practical Part of the Green Shift

Despite the rhetoric and the complicated nature of the green shift there is one section that helps Canadians, and is very simple to explain.

Fist off, Gasoline is exempt from the Green Shift. It is a total fabrication and lie, that the price of gas will go up in this plan. The Journalists who have never read the green shift should ask Mr Harper, why he is lying about taxing gasoline. On Page 28 of the green shift it is clear to me that the zero percent tax on gasoline helps Canadian families more than any other plan. Also, the price of gas has risen excessively in the past 18 months under Tory rule. The only thing they did was eliminate the office of Petroleum Pricing Information.

Secondly, let me cut and paste page 31 of the Green shift.

Price vigilance
Gas price increases are due to many factors, including restricted supply. There is also an increasing international demand on oil supply, as emerging economies such as China and India increase their own rates of consumption.
We also know Canadians are frustrated with spiralling energy costs and the lack of information and justification that often accompanies these increases. Canadians deserve clear and complete information and the provision of such information will make the market place fairer and more transparent. To accomplish this, we will restore the federal Office of Petroleum Price Information to monitor energy price fluctuations and provide clear, current information to Canadians. Work on the creation of this office was started under the previous Liberal government but was shut down by the
Conservative government. The Minister of Natural Resources will be accountable to Parliament for the Office.
Canadians are also concerned about the possibility of anti-competitive behaviour affecting energy prices. To allow for more effective enforcement of the Competition Act, we would examine introducing a dual-track approach to the criminal conspiracy provisions of the act to allow for a civil law regime to work beside the existing criminal law regime. The high criminal burden of proof currently contained in the Act makes properly prosecuting anti-competitive activity or price manipulation extremely difficult. A more reasonable civil standard of proof and will make successful prosecution more realistic and will help protect the consumer.

I posted this to cut through the BS, and show Canadians that the price of gas will not be taxed anymore, and that the Green Shift will take the oil companies to task. Its time for an honest debate, its time for the Conservatives and the media to be honest and actually read the green shift.

The Liberal plan on gas, as communicated by Dan McTeague, offers Canadians a hope, that they won't be gouged. The Liberal plan offers Canadians transparency and honesty from the Oil Companies (not a toothless Ombudsman like the NDP).

This is the opposite to the Conservatives who have acted like puppets of big oil. They have shrugged off the excessive high prices paid by Canadians at the pumps, and continue to pay lip service to average Canadians, while rolling out the red carpet for the oil lobby. Once again, I have to say; Do we really want more of this?

Here is Dan McTeague's video on gas prices, and the Liberal solution to this problem.

Websites I personally recommend

The Liberals online strategy is looking stronger. There are some good efforts going out there and we need to show everyone where to visit.

First off is, a site put together by the Dam McTeague campaign team in Pickering-Scarborough East, asking the Conservatives to have an honest debate, in a v-log form. You can even submit videos to team McTeague on which issues you think we need to keep the Conservatives honest to.

Secondly is, a flashy site showing how Stephen Harper is closely following his ideological brothers, the republicans in the United States. This site shows that Stephen is taking all his cues from the Red State team, and asks Canadians, do we really want a Bush II? Seriously do we? I don't.

The third and final site, which I think shows the most flaws in the Conservative Party is, this site shows how the Harper Conservatives play fast and easy with the economy, and even badmouth our industrial heartland. We are taking the Cons to task where the media has fallen asleep at the wheel. Lets not forget income trusts, Flaherty's statements on Ontario, and the massive spending without responsibility this government has put together. I urge you all to take a look at these Liberal sites, and see for yourself what the Conservatives are up to.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The true face of the Conservatives...

The Conservatives and their true colours are starting to show. Yes, we should heed the warnings that yes they admire the Bush Administration, and have taken a simliar tack in terms of both foreign and economic policy.

Look at the collapse of the American economy and look at Flaherty and his lack of care for thousands of jobs lost in Durham Region. Look at the plagiarizing of Harper in 2003, and see how they want to impress the neo-cons in Washington.

Do we really want more of this? Seriously, I don't! I want a government that is accountable to Canadians, ready to lead a strong foreign policy that is respected in the world. Think about this when you voter?

Crikey! These sound Similar!

In journalism plagiarizing stories has caused careers to end, and people's to be shamed in public. This happened years after the articles were written. But journalists have ethics, Conservatives well, they have ethics that are convenient for them at the time.

This is typical of Harper and his ambivalence, which the media has picked up on and has acted as his personal drones in his evil propaganda efforts. Let's be honest, a Liberal government would never copy a speech from a foreign dignitary, they aren't dependent on them for foreign policy.

The staffer who wrote the speech resigned, and the rest of the party agreed with it. It is like Harper and the Tories are essentially sock puppets for the Neo-cons in other parts of the world. Canadian`s don`t need direction from sock puppet loudmouthed cons on foreign policy, and thats what Harper is doing. This should shift the emphasis to Canada`s role in the world in this campaign.

We used to have respect and clout, now we are seen as polluters and sock puppets for the Americans, what has happened? Do Canadians know this? This story has been picked up around the world and discredits an already discredited and corrupt regime.

What to do next? Expose the alternatives, show Canadians the truth. Time is of the essence.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What will the NDP do next?

The NDP has had an interesting week, first with their Marijuana stoner candidate, and then their naked swimming in front of Traumatized teenagers candidate.

Now they are associating themselves with the 911 truth people. You have to wonder what Jack is up to next? Now all this craziness is showing what the NDP is, a fourth party. They represent a fringe, and these views show their extremism. Who are they going to associate with next? Thats the real question?

Take a look at this video, Jason Cherniak found it, and he has his own insight into it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pulling Canada towards Conservatism, that's as scary as the Death Star

When I thought of pulling Canada closer to Conservatism, I immediately thought of the Death Star pulling the Millenium falcon into its grasp in the first Star Wars' movie. Thats how scary these guys are, Ontario learned its lesson, in chaos. Total choas, and destruction of public health, and education. Ontarians were so afraid of these neo-cons they drove the progressive John Tory out of his seat last election.

Then I realized that Stephen Harper was actually describing liberal (some would say neo-liberal) economic policies. In terms of fiscal responsibility. He just totally got it wrong in calling liberal fiscal policies conservative.

The fiscal argument that Canada is more conservative, is silly. Its a semantic debate, if we look at this history of Canada, I specifically remember Sir Wilfred Laurier losing the 1911 election because he wanted reciprocity with the Americans. Because the Conservatives were afraid Canada would be taken over by the Americans. This played well in Ontario.

Selective historical memory plagues Canadians. Free Trade is a far from Conservative idea, in history, Liberals in Canada, all shades of Europeans have endorsed free trade. Claiming small "c" Conservatism in the free market is interesting as well, Liberals were the first to do so in Canada.

But lets be honest, socially, we are much more liberal, Canadians have rights, and by Canadians I mean all Canadians. Not just white males, and people who want to control others. I don't think a majority of Canadians want to take away the status of women office, or the charter court challenges program. Oh crap, the Media has selective memory on that.

Twitter me!

I just discovered this awesome site called twitter, add me to it if you enjoy reading my blog. I will say whenver I update it on twitter! Its a good way to follow the blog, and my election writing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sparrow is indicative of Tories and their campaign

Ryan Sparrow's shocking email and comments to CTV show the maliciousness and desperation which the Tories want to have a majority government. Let me get this straight, he accused a mourning father of his son, who died fighting for his country of playing politics in his son's death. That his Liberal views (not Liberal at all in fighting in Afghanistan) made him a partisan figure, rather than just a man wanting to see the fight that his son sacrificed himself for, end in victory.

That is the lowest thing any Conservative or any Canadian could say to another Canadian. The most interesting part of this, is that the Conservatives until yesterday had some belief in staying till the job is done. They only flip flopped because of public opinion. Mr Evan's disagrees with the Liberal strategy for Afghanistan, yet Sparrow in his idiotic campaign mode has to play the partisan card. His son didn't fight for a political party, or a province, he fought for Canada.

Let's be honest, this is the low point of any Canadian election I have ever witnessed. Their war room is acting like a bunch of drunken poli sci frat boys. Its not funny, notaleader is stupid and totally nothing to do with any real issues or people (its a fantasy). Their campaign tone reminds me of high school type behaviour. Lets talk about issues, and the media has been little to no help in not spinning things accurately. This campaign needs real debate and real coverage, maybe this suspending of the chief of the Conservative Ministry of Propaganda will change things. I seriously doubt it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conservative Media Bias

Today, I caught Politics with Don Newman, and yesterday I watched the Mike Duffy Conservative Hour.

Duffy and Bob Fife spent an hour on Tuesday basically using Conservative talking points to direct their (fox) news show. I watched in horror as they continued to play silly politics, talking about Dion as if they read about him on the Conservative website. The main player in Duffy's con propaganda show is bob Fife, who chimes in all of Harpers talking points, on Tuesday. My jaw dropped ( since I usually watch PTI on TSN after 5) as I figured that this would be a show that might have some journalistic integrity. Instead of journalistic integrity, I watched Duffy try and ambush Michael Ignatieff with some planted questions, which Iggy handled well under the circumstances about the Green shift.

Today on politics with Don Newman, James Travers and Daniel Lesage put in about 10 minutes. They put in about 10 minutes on how Harper's image is so good, and even talking about the clothes he wore at various events. They gave the Cons the free pass on the puffin incident, which has outraged many average Canadians. Newman didn't even blink. The positive on politics was the performance of Michael Ignatieff who talked in real terms, while Jim Flaherty spun his usual Conservative rhetoric and bs on the economy (the economy which has tanked under his watch). But compared to the Mike Duffy Conservative Hour it wasn't that bad.

It would be niced to have balanced media, I think the blogosphere has a role to play in showing inaccuracies and being a watch dog to overly partisan coverage. Though I would definitely cheer lead any pro Liberal bias.

Obama Vs Layton: A tale of the Tape.

So Jack Layton thinks he is Canada's answer to Barack Obama, lets start a comparison.

Jack Layton is a middle aged white man, Barack Obama is about 10 years younger than jack, Barack Obama is also black. Tie, no point in discriminating against Jack.

Jack Layton, never has had a New York Times Best seller. I don't believe he has ever written a book, let alone 2 autobiographies. Barack Obama has a had 2 New York Times Best Sellers, and is considered one of the best writers in the American political scene. +2 for every best seller Barack has had.

Jack Layton, was a fixture in Toronto's debt ridden City council before amalgamation (a pork barrelling body that was always in debt), Barack Obama used to edit the Harvard Law Review, and then went onto become a state senator in Illinois, which seems like a much more prestigious body than Toronto's city council. +2 for Obama, Jack is lucky he isn't -1 for being part of Toronto's City Council.

Barack Obama can draw crowds of 75'000 and hold them in rapture as he delivers articulate and passionate speeches. Jack Layton draws 5o people in front of the Parliament buildings, and goes on to use political rhetoric to new silliness. +7 for Obama, a touchdown at Mile High Stadium

Barack Obama, has Joe Biden as a running mate, a Senator for 30 years, who has decades of experience in dealing with complex issues. If Jack Layton had a running mate, it would be Olivia Chow, who was known for being a city councillor that pissed off the police in the City of Toronto. +1 for Obama, I'd take Biden over Chow any day

Barack Obama offers a nation hope. Jack Layton offers rhetoric, and if we are lucky mustache rides. Obama Wins by 13, Id say thats a landslide Victory, like the one Obama should have in November.

I think its silly to compare yourself to an iconic figure in politics who is truly an outsider. The American Political process is so much different that ours, that I thought Layton was joking when he compared himself to Obama. I have never ever seen Layton talk with the poise, passion, or powerful nature in which Obama does. So Jack, being party #4 in the house, you might want to compare yourself to the Reform party in the states. Comparing yourself to Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader would be a good start.

There is only one politician in Canada, that can bring about the type of change in Canada, that Obama will bring in the States, and that is Stephane Dion. He has the vision, the passion, and poise to be Canada's next Prime Minister, and our relations with the States would be much better with Obama and Dion in power.

I would like to thank this G and M piece for inspiration

Monday, September 08, 2008

First business day on the campaign trail

This is just a quick note to everyone. Especially us Liberals, to get off your butts and get to your nearest campaigning office to help out. Everyone needs your help, in every riding across Canada. Dion came out swinging this morning and set the message for the day.

Yes Stephen Harper is a liar, a desperate one that is willing to say anything to stay in power, and willing to sell out Canada in the process. Look at the amount of partisanship that he has brought to Ottawa, and all the broken promises that came along with it.

The Conservatives have left a trail of corruption and inept partisanship, this has led to the dumbing down of politics in Canada and a general high school like atmosphere in the House of Commons. Their propaganda shows us that the Conservatives think Canadians are stupid. I think Canadians are smart people, who can make their own thoughtful decisions. Not look at flashy advertisements and saying taxes over and over again.

The exclusion of the Green Party in the debates is interesting. I really didn't have an opinion on this and in listening to the pundits, it was safe to assume that Don Newman thinks that Elizabeth May is a Liberal cheerleader. I highly doubt that would happen, and I would bet anyone a fair amount of money that May would have taken some shots at the Liberals.

Tomorrow is an important day here in the east end. Stephane Dion will be attending a rally at Mark Hollands office, with Dan Mcteague, and a couple of other special guests. Dan Mcteague also has a new campaign blog. is the place to see what Dan is up to, and to see if he is coming to your area on his Provincial gas price tour.


Friday, September 05, 2008

So much for Fixed election dates...

This CBC report from 2006 talks about Stephen Harper and his goal to have fixed election dates! Well, what a year and a half can do is crazy! Stephen is trying to manipulate the situation by calling this election on Sunday. Harper made a pledge, no, a promise to not manipulate the people of Canada by having fixed election dates. By calling an election, a year before the fixed date, shows Stephen Harper is breaking his promise to the Canadian people.

Do we really want a Prime Minister that breaks promises? I would say no! Stephen Harper is as big a political opportunist as those before him regardless of their stripes. This is the real difference between Dion and Harper. Harper is a politician desperate to hold power, while Dion is a man of principles making a stand to make Canada a fairer, greener place.

These are the real questions of leadership we should ask. Do we want someone to lead for their own power hungry ambition, or do we want someone to lead us to a better Canada? That rhetorical question has a simple answer. Canada needs real leadership. Canada needs a Dion government that would stick to fixed election dates.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dion talks to the bloggers

I got this surprise email the other day from the Liberal party asking to take part in a blogger telephone. Since I haven't posted in a while, because of my hectic schedule this summer. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back in the game.

My thoughts,

Dion gets it, Stephane talked about the importance of Blogs, and their impact on the youth and young people. He is ready and willing to reach out to the new media, and does not hold any biases toward new technology and its influences.

The green shift is too good of an idea. Lets be honest this is daring scheme that is too smart for a politician, it is actually trying to make our country a greener place. For those who slam it, they don't understand, and to truly understand Stephane's passion for stopping climate change, should try to understand that this idea is bigger than partisan politics.

Dion's position on passenger rail surprised me. I was greatly impressed as he understood that our country was founded on the principal of the railway, and that intercity public transportation is good for the environment. A Liberal government would enhance VIA rail and would help develop a high speed train link on the Windsor-Quebec City corridor. I was impressed by this, and his overall view that transit creates better cities for Canadians to live a more greener, affordable lifestyle.

Overall, I am probably the last person to comment on this conference call, and for the next conference call, I am going to ask some tough questions.

So, I am back on the blog.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unsolicited Spam

I got this piece of lying propaganda in the email today. I politely requested to be taken off this email list, and am wonder why some tory troll added me to their badly planned propaganda program. I love how it ended. My annotation is in bold.

Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 10:59 AM
Higher taxes are the answer!
hide details Jun 8 (2 days ago)
Hi Jamie, St├ęphane wanted to tell you... Having trouble setting priorities? Friends don't know what they speak about? Billions of dollars of spending promises got you in a big debt hole? Well don't worry. If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is an answer. A permanent new tax on everything!

Big Debt hole, hmmm, can you say that for next year Jimmy? Isn't this Government the biggest spending one in history? Screams hypocracy.

If you agree click here. Don't click there.

Why does Tory propaganda only have if you agree? Even their crap mailings only have this one option. You know the ones we get in the mail from some MP who lives 200km away, and is an abuse of the Parlimentary mailing system.
Thats all for now


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cherniak Vs. Kinsella Part 2

Alright, this is getting stupid, between accusing one of not being a party member and showing email's from 2 years ago from a leadership race. Things between Kinsella and Cherniak are getting pretty petty and loserish.

Now, I just created a word called loserish. It's never been used before and I will take credit for it. So Jason and Warren, please don't hold that against me.

But I will continue to post pics of Kinsella fighting Cherniak in the near future as long as this bs continues. I see childish Juvenile antics everyday at work, and the blog world is no place for it. Especially from the 2 most widely read Liberal bloggers.

It will be up to the readers of the blog to decided which combatant is Cherniak, and which on e is Kinsella. But I will continue to post stupid Beavis and Butt-head pics to illustrate how petty and egotistical this spat has become, and how digging up other prominent Liberal's past dealings and private emails is counterproductive to both the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Ontario Liberal Party.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cherniak Vs Kinsella

When I heard about their nasty little spat this image came right into my mind. Associates fighting, but they forgot why, and are exposing each other's dirty laundry.
Boys keep it in your pants please, you both look very unprofessional. Bringing up clients and past dirty laundry is so high school.
My own personal opinion is that if you really want to have it out, please do so in a bar over a pint of something.
You both come across as arrogant and unwielding, um well yeah.
Thats my opinion.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is Harper a true hockey fan?

Hard to say, I know lots of true hockey fans. They pay for tickets to see their favorite team, and they watch the whole game. They don't leave 4 minutes before the game is over. They don't miss the last goal of the game, and they don't miss the 3 stars.

The biggest faux pas by far has to be our Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaving Team Canada's game against Finland before the singing of the national anthem after the game! Now, I have seen previous examples of heads of government watching sporting events and not leaving. During the Rugby World Cup Nicholas Sarkozy watched all of France's games. He was even there in defeat against Argentina and England, and was seen singing the national anthem with everyone else. New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clarke stayed to the bitter end for the All Blacks defeat in Cardiff to France in the 2007 Rugby world cup quarter finals, not leaving early. Though kiwis contend they left the world cup early last year.

Harper claims to be a huge hockey fan and a Canadian nationalist. Leaving the hockey game early really doesn't help this cause. This just goes to show why Stephane Dion is more trustworthy than Harper. If he was a real leader and man of the people he would have stayed to the end, and sang the anthem with the crowd. He is also not a true hockey fan, because we stay to the end regardless of score.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize...

Let me be blunt. We have had a Conservative Government for 2 years. 2 years too long in my opinion. Yet in the midst of the biggest scandal to break from this government, all I see in the blogosphere and the media is Clinton this, Obama that(Barry did this, Hillary did that). Can you all please do me one favour and cut the crap? The worse example is on facebook, a bunch of hack Liberals more interested in a primary, than in defining the future of our nation. We have to define it now as Liberals. The alternative to the Liberal Party is a right wing government that has no respect for Canadians (no real accountability). They have flouted elections law, and their only excuse they have is mindless spin and double talk.

We have to punish these Conservative clowns for their corruption and illegal spending. Then boom, today we find out Jim Flaherty is handing out contracts to his friends to help him write his deficit budget. So Jim didn't tender the contract and hired firms that are Tory friendly. That sounds similar to another scandal. Oh yeah, the one that brought down the Liberal Government.

But oh no, lets get back to Pennsylvania. Let me cut through the bs. In NOVEMBER, yes NOVEMBER, a democrat will win the White House. The Democrats will win control of the house, and yes the Democrats will win control of the Senate. Yes, I will bet anyone a shiny nickel of these outcomes. Also, how would Canadians react if Americans were up here meddling in a Party Leadership race. Thats something to think about....

If an election is called this spring, it will be done by the end of June. Yes our whole campaign will take place by the end of the school year. No endless primaries and endless debates, and endless campaigning. Let's keep hammering the Tories, its time for their inept corruption to end. They want to destroy our country and decentralize it into autonomous regions.

Let us remember, these aren't the Mulroney PC's who were somewhat progressive and respected the institutions of the state. These are the Reformers that are using the blue banner and Canadians are finally coming to see the true nature of this group of individuals.

It's time for the public to hold these people accountable, and you can't find out the facts by watching CNN and going to Obama rallies. If you love Barry or Hilary, do it in private. Stephane and the Liberals need all the public love this time of year. This spring is 100 times more important for Canadians than any American election. Everyday we see new insight into what the Conservatives are capable of and their contempt for the average Canadian. It's time to trust the American's, let our neighbors fix their own lawn, cause ours is in rough shape and we need to take care of business here.


Monday, April 21, 2008

In and Out, Lets Get Illegal Rebates?

This Scandal is very bad. Why? We'll think of it in this context, say you made a large sum of Money, over $1 million, and you found a way to funnel it into your own made up charity, and then asked the government for a tax rebate, even though your "human fund" (fake charity) is totally bogus and just essentially money laundering and outspending your nearest rival in some type of election contest.

So, if the allegations are true, it means one thing. Everything that the Harper Tories ran for in 2006 is a lie. They cheated their way to victory and used a loophole as an excuse. If you apologize and make excuses for this type of behaviour, you also have no morals, and are part of the problem. Liberals did not try and cover up the adscam, which implicated about 3-4 people in the Quebec wing of the party who benefited.

This scandal implicates close to 80 different ridings, and various campaign managers colluding with the national campaign to not only launder and funnel money but to try and get expenses from Elections Canada for spending the money locally. This is much more complex than adscam. This involves more than one provincial wing of the party. In fact the NDP isn't giving the Conservatives enough credit by associating this with the Liberal Adscam. Once again, the NDP is trying to tar us up, and looking mediocre and petty doing it. Keep it up Jacko!

The problem right now is the media is not presenting a clear distinction of these allegations, and they are being too quick to assume the far reaching scale of it. This goes right from the National Conservative campaign, to a large number of local operators. There is too much spin, too much liberalizing. Lets stick to the facts, the Conservatives are not being forthcoming with Elections Canada, and they were forced to act against the Conservatives with their search warrants and the subsequent raid.

We do not live in some type of banana republic where we make the rules as they go along. The Conservative blogger response of covering their ears and start screaming "lying, lying, Elections Canada is Liberal Conspiracy" doesn't fly either after Harper appointed the boss of Elections Canada after the last election.

What is important to come in the following days? How true are these allegations? What is the penalty for them? And when is the next election?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RCMP!, Search Warrant!, Conservatives!

So much for being Mr. Accountability. This can shed some light on how corrupt the Tories really are. So much for being transparent, oh yeah they didn't even implement Gomery.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When to drop the gloves?

The Liberal Party just doesn't know when to drop the gloves and take on the Cons. I think its time to bring it.

Here is my reasoning why?

1) Flaherty has already called out Ontario, Ontario pissed at Flaherty and the Conservative translates into Liberal seats
2) RESP' ect, this bill brought by Dan Mcteague goes right for the biggest voting block in the country, the middle class.
3) I see this as Dion's chance to shine, hit the campaign trail and show Canadians and the media that he is a great leader.
4) The media isn't doing us any favours, but its pro-obama stance is good for the Liberals.
5) the Greens are beating up on the NDP, guess Jack isn't borrowing our votes anymore.
6) Only the Liberals can save us from Flaherty and his budget wrecking abilities.

I think its time to go, time for everyone to get with the program. The longer we hold off, the weaker we will look. It's time to take a stand, and it's time to bring it. I am tired of pundits talking around it, talking about it, and not taking a stand. Its time to draw that line in the sand, its time to goto the polls.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What have I done for the LIberal Party....

I have just been called out by Quito. Yes the man who's name is also the capital city of a country. And he has made a valuable point, which he borrowed from Jason Cherniak. What have you done for the LIberal Party? Are you helping? Are you hurting? Here is what I have done lately.

1) I have joined the chequemate program in my riding, I help out my riding asssociation by giving them a donation each month. Every little bit helps, and every donation is tax deductible.

2) I have joined forum Liberalis, which is located on the Liberal party of Canada's website, everyone else should join this forum as it is a constructive policy instrument for the people and the party to communicate.

3) I canvassed this past weekend in both Willowdale and Toronto Centre, and was very happy with the results.

4) I am the policy chair in my riding association, and will bring at least one policy to the national Biennial convention this year. That is our riding's goal.

5) I have promoted my MP despite some people criticizing him! Dan works hard for the riding, and is a good Liberal despite some small disagreement on social views that are no longer even debated.

6) i fostered debate in the OYL with my blog postings.

I'm not calling anyone else out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

OYL AGM/After the snow has started to melt

It has taken me a few days to get around to writing this, but doing 2 courses and having one week off till June has something to do with that. I decided to wait till the dust settled and everyone's emotions and adrenaline has subsided There are things about this agm, that made me have hope, as well as things that totally disappointed me. So I am going to make this easy, call it the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Overall this AGM saw over 600 delegates cast votes. Not quite the 1000 that were expected to be there, but still double the showing of last year. There were 2 teams, the OYL roots (the grassroots team) versus the OYL Beyond (Queens Park Staffers). It was weird seeing all the Queens Park people on the one team surrounded by "new" Liberals, up against all the OYL stalwarts, who I have known since the Leadership race. For the sake of disclosure, I spent my weekend helping out the Roots campaign. I had a great time working with a dedicated group of volunteers. But I missed the event with Dion, and missed the Friday night speakers due to my arrival time.

In closing, I would like to say that I enjoyed my AGM experience, and that I have made many new friends. I hope the new members of the OYL lend their weight to the coming Federal election, and help us deliver the traditional level of seats we get in Ontario. That is the most important part of this AGM, using our campaign skills to bring us the real deal. In the grand scheme of things, Roots and Beyond is irrelevant, and we must defeat the likes of the Tories and the NDP.

The Good,
The OYL Roots team coming together to take 11 of 16 spots on the executive. This sends a real message to both the LPCO, and the OLP.

Shawn Kerr, for being a good sport.

The passing of the 40 day resolution, I hope my posting on this issue made an impact

I have to give credit to Jacob for swinging enough votes his way, from the 40% or so who were undecided in certain votes. Well done!

The opportunity I had to talk about blogging, and network with various important members of the Liberal community. This I found was invaluable and took my mind off the campaign after hours.

Mary-Rose Brown, and Justin Tetrault for handling their defeat with such grace.

The future of the OYL, keep pushing us, keep up the activist work! The future looks bright!

The friends, new and old who I got to hang out with! We should do this more often!

The Bad

The lack of non-roots people at the George Smitherman party, this is the Deputy Premier people! Unfortunately George cancelled at the last minute, due to the terrible weather, but it was good times nonetheless.

The Speeches, No one really struck me as a charismatic public speaker, including both presidential candidates. Maybe I am holding people to too high a standard? (though Chris Drew shined through with his Chris Drew like performance)

The rumors that were spread around, about people, on both sides, and even at parties. I was told an under-aged friend of mine was drunk and about to be arrested, when in fact he was in his hotel room playing poker!

The Ugly
The total lack of networking between the OYL Beyond and OYL Roots teams. I hope the executive can work together better than the supporters. The New Liberals from the Beyond team didn't seem to understand that we are all on the same team. The animosity was a bit too high for certain groups, and spilled over at a party on the Saturday night.

Seriously people, if I write something negative about you, its because of something you did in politics. Not because I think you are a bad person. Liberals aren't bad people, remember that.

I would like to thank certain memebers of the OYL Beyond team for either giving me dirty looks, or ignoring me. I take this as praise, as in your read this, and you loathed it! Thank you so much. I work at a high school, I can handle that.

The Tension, it was never cut during the Saturday or Sunday sessions, it made people feel like enemies, rather than friends.

The weather, I would rather have been skiing that weekend. It really didn't cooperate at all.

The Results
President - Jacob Mksyartinian
Executive Vice President - Kayla Lewis
VP Federal - Elyse Banham
VP Provincial - Joanna Murrell
Treasurer - Ryan Singh
Communications Director - Zac Spicer
Policy Director - Chris Drew
Recruitment Director - Laura Wiesen
Riding Director - Terry Chemij
Student Director - Magda Drobnicki

Regional Coordinators

Toronto - Jonathan Tsao
Central - Jonathan Pinto
South Central - Deep Chawla
Southwest - Mandy Van Waes
Northern - Joey Montpellier
Eastern - Krista Balsom

Friday, March 07, 2008

Important OYL AGM Constitutional Amendments!

Before casting your votes for the roots, remember to cast your votes for these important constitutional amendments.

One closes Jacob's ratification loophole, and the other creates gender parity.

1) Mandating an OYL Executive Board Meeting 40 Days Prior to the OYL Annual General Meeting

Proposed by: Kyle Mitchell

Rationale: In order to be eligible to send delegates to the OYL AGM a club must be recognized by the OYL at least forty (40) days prior to the AGM. Currently, a club can hold a founding meeting and submit all the proper documentation by that deadline but not be able to send delegates to the AGM if the OYL President does not call a meeting where the club can be ratified.

By mandating that the OYL Executive Board hold a meeting exactly 40 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, it will guarantee that all founded clubs who submit the proper documentation can be ratified by the deadline and ensure maximum participation at the AGM.

Add in the proposed 13.6.1

Proposed Content:

13.6.1 The Executive Board shall hold a meeting exactly forty (40) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

2) Instituting Gender Parity for Delegate Spots to Delegated Ontario Young Liberals Events

Proposed by: Mary-Rose Brown


This amendment brings the OYL Constitution in line with the delegate election procedures of the Liberal Party of Canada and Ontario Liberal Party, which both allocate delegate spots based on gender. Currently, the Constitution allows each OYL student or riding club to elect 15 delegates. This amendment would permit each recognized OYL student and riding club to elect 14 delegates, of whom no more than 7 could be male and no more than 7 could be female. The President of the club would continue to hold an ex-officio spot.

Mandating that delegate spots be elected with a view towards gender will encourage student clubs to recruit more members of both sexes in order to utilize all of their delegate spots. It increases inclusivity and makes it 50% easier, for women especially, to get elected as a delegate.


  • Remove the current 13.4
  • Add in the proposed 13.4 and 13.4.1

Proposed Content

13.4 The following shall be delegates entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Young Liberals:

(a) The President of all recognized Student Clubs and Riding Clubs;

(b) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Student Club;

c) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Federal Riding Club;
(d) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Provincial Riding Club;
(e) Three (3) delegates from each federal riding where there is not a recognized Ontario Young Liberal Riding Club, appointed by the Constituency Association President;
(f) Three (3) delegates from each provincial riding where there is not a recognized Ontario Young Liberal Riding Club, appointed by the Constituency Association President;
(g) All members of the Ontario Young Liberal Executive Board.

13.4.1 Of the fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Student Club, Federal Riding Club, or Provincial Riding Club, no more than seven (7) delegates shall be male and no more than seven (7) delegates shall be female.

Vote yes for these amendments, they make the OYL look even more amazing!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Congrats to Dan McTeague!

Today, Dan's private member bill on making RESP's tax deductible passed its second and third reading! This happened despite the Conservative caucus voting against it. Dan had the support of both the BQ and NDP.

This bill will help working parents save up for their children's future University and college careers. So much for the Conservatives caring about working families. Only when it's convenient for them.

For those of you Liberals who see Dan as some sort of maverick. This is the type of under the radar stuff that Dan has done for years. Dan is one of the hardest working MP's in Ottawa, and is extremely well respected in the riding of Pickering Scarborough-east. Keep up the good work.

Also check this website to find tomorrows gas price today.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The issue of Decertification and the subsequent late recertification of OYL riding clubs

This is my fourth post of an ongoing series on the contested OYL election.

At the last OYL executive meeting at OYL on ice, the current president decided to disenfranchise a large number of OYL clubs, but not ratifying their founding meetings in to meet the deadline for the AGM. This move has outraged, and appalled a large number of Liberals in the affected areas, and those who want to encourage the growth of the youth wing of the party.

The following clubs will have no representatives at this this years AGM as their own AGM's were not re-certified by Jacob before the cutoff date for agm. When I talked about an obstinate OYL president, this is the reason why. The following clubs will not send the 15 delegate spots to the agm (only able to send 3), because Jacob cancelled the ratification meeting to get these clubs certified in time.

Ottawa-Centre, Federal and Provincial
Ottawa Orleans Federal
Mississauga-Streetsville, Federal
Guelph, Federal and Provincial
Hamilton-Centre, Federal and Provincial

The president of Ottawa Orleans Federal Young Liberals (who's club had to be founded again due to technical issues), Brenden Johnstone said it best, "I am still convinced that the OYL Leadership held off on having an Executive meeting to ratify re-founded clubs because of the upcoming OYL AGM. You get the impression that Jacob is willing to do nearly anything to retain power. Instead of working with clubs and earning their support, he de-ratifies them, and then refuses to allow them to be ratified in time for the AGM. Jacob knew what he was doing. When he was confronted about the cancellation of the Executive meeting at OYL on Ice (which would have ensured my club and countless others were ratified) he said, “If you don’t like it, talk to the CRO” and then he walked away. This was such a well known and important meeting, that certain members of the Executive, as well as long time OYL members flew into Toronto, only to find out when they arrived that the meeting had been cancelled.”

What does this mean? Basically, these clubs have no voice, and they leave a trail of many disgruntled and disenfranchised Young Liberals. So this means there is potentially a loss of volunteers in the upcoming Federal election in several close winnable ridings. This is not a good move, the more OYL clubs the better. The more OYL volunteers during elections the better. Another even crazier point is that despite these clubs not having AGM’s and being de-ratified, there are clubs in existence, like Trinity Spadina, and my own former club of Pickering Scarborough East that haven’t had agm’s in a couple of years and are still ratified as clubs in the OYL.

Club founding certification should not be moved for personal gain. They should be held to ensure maximum volunteer opportunity and to encourage involvement in great social events like the OYL AGM. Brenden’s executive in Ottawa Orleans had close to 20 members, and his club had something close to 400 people as members. This club should never have been de-ratified. It should be embraced and seen as an example to the other riding clubs. But instead Brenden has no voice at agm, and sends no delegates. How many of Brenden’s members are going to stay at home in the upcoming election and not knock on doors? That is the real question. These are questions that should never have been asked in the first place. As a Liberal, I find this type of action though constitutional, very unprofessional and unbecoming. I believe that the OYL needs to be taken serious and these type of petty moves will not help that. This is why I am a prominent proponent of change.